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California State University, Long Beach


Freshmen Students

The ESSC Academic Advising Office serves as a home base for all Engineering freshmen needs. Our primary focus is to ensure that students experience a smooth transition from high school and begin their engineering careers at CSULB on the correct path. Success in engineering is often determined by one's aptitude in math and science. To ensure this eventual success, the College of Engineering has developed the Rules to Degree Progress, which requires all engineering students to complete important gateway courses within one calendar year (i.e. Calculus and Physics). The ESSC Academic Advising Office begins preparing freshmen for engineering at SOAR and coordinates all Fall and Spring semester Mandatory Freshmen Advising activities. Academic Advisors are also very active in the Freshmen Engineering Experience courses of ENGR 101 and ENGR 102. Students are always welcome to visit the ESSC Advising Office.

Fall Mandatory Freshmen Advising

Freshmen Mandatory Advising for Pre Engineering students will consist of advising workshops organized by major i.e. Pre Mechanical Engineering etc... Freshmen officially declared in an engineering pre major will receive an email from ESSC with specific instructions on how to sign up for a major. Upon receipt of this email, please register for an Advising Workshop for the specific Pre Engineering major you are currently pursuing. Workshops will last approximately 90 minutes and cover many important topics such as:

Please be sure to bring the following items to the workshop:

Spring Mandatory Freshmen Advising

Each spring semester, Freshmen Mandatory Advising will take place in ENGR 102 as an in-class group activity, led by ESSC Advisors. During this activity, students will demonstrate that they understand key advising concepts.

  • Students will select a schedule for the next semester and begin to develop graduation plans
  • Student plans and Degree Progress will be evaluated by ESSC Advisors
    • Advising/registration holds will be removed based satisfactory degree progress
    • Students not making satisfactory degree progress will be required to meet with an ESSC Advisor to develop a success plan and/or explore alternate majors
  • Students not enrolled in ENGR 102 must contact the ESSC Advising Office in March to schedule an advising appointment
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