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California State University, Long Beach

The United States Energy Challenge
...exploring the alternatives

American energy independence will be achieved when all cars, trucks and buses on U.S. highways boats, ships and barges on U.S. waterways aircraft flying U.S. airways trains on U.S. railways and off-road recreational, construction and farm vehicles, are powered by transportation fuels made in the USA from U.S. resources.

Volatile oil markets, environmental concerns, and a skittish economic recovery loom large in debates over energy policy in the United States. Experts see current opportunities for addressing these issues, but there is strong debate over how to prioritize energy policy. Americans will inevitably disagree over the greatest energy challenge facing the country. Some will point to security matters, others to economic problems, and still others to climate change and the environment.

The United States needs a long-term policy that addresses environmental goals, health concerns, and the risk of supply disruption. The members of this distinguished panel will answer your questions and discuss how the U.S energy demands can be met in the 21st century.

Panel of Experts:

    Ralph J. Moran
    BP America Inc.
    Gabriel Canto
    Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems
    Greg Wolfson
    Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer,
    PsomasFMG LLC
    Kent Peterson '86, Moderator
    Vice President and Chief Engineer,
    P2S Engineering, Inc.
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