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California State University, Long Beach

Cyber Security and You

Your data is at risk and you need to protect it. Our growing dependence on information technology has given rise to the need for greater protection of digital networks and infrastructures. The increased number of attacks on our cyber networks has become one of the most serious economic and national security threats we face. The Department of Defense has included Cyber Security as the fifth arm of the Department for securing the country for the 21st Century. We are all impacted by technologies and innovations that center on computers, cell phones and the Internet. But as we utilize these technologies in our daily lives, we must protect our personal information or any form of digital asset stored in our computers or in any digital memory device.

The members of this distinguished panel will discuss threats, emerging policies and potential solutions for improving cyber security.

Panel of Experts:

    Andrea Hoy 84
    Chief Executive Officer, A. Hoy & Associates
    Ronald Williams
    Chief Executive Officer, Talon Companies
    Roberta Gotfried
    Director Engineering Learning and University Relations, Engineering Space and Airborne Systems, Raytheon Company
    Kent Peterson 86, Moderator
    Vice President and Chief Engineer, P2S Engineering, Inc.
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