Data Privacy Technique Discussed at IEEE Distinguished Lecture Series

If you’d like to send a private Valentine to that special someone this month, Spatial Digital Systems can help.

The Agoura Hills-based company has come up with a technique to embed your message within a separate, innocuous message to shield it from prying eyes. Donald Chang, Spatial Digital Systems’ CEO and President, demonstrated the technique before faculty and students at the IEEE Systems’ Council’s IEEE Distinguished Lecture Friday.

Called “digital enveloping,” the technique can be used to wrap a Microsoft Word document in an audio file or a real-time voice recording in an audio file. Sender and receiver would both know the technique was being used. Continue reading “Data Privacy Technique Discussed at IEEE Distinguished Lecture Series”

CSULB Innovators Inducted into NAI

Cal State Long Beach counts many inventors among its faculty. Scattered throughout the university’s eight colleges,  they have few opportunities to cross paths. But with establishment of a National Academy of Inventors chapter, that has now changed.

On Thursday, nearly two dozen inventors from the colleges of the Arts, Engineering, and Natural Sciences & Mathematics were inducted into the newly created chapter, which will meet once each semester.

The chapter has been championed by Simon Kim, CSULB associate vice president of research and sponsored programs, and College of Engineering Dean Forouzan Golshani, holder of nearly a dozen patents. Continue reading “CSULB Innovators Inducted into NAI”

GESC Keynote Speaker: Moving to Smart Grid a Necessity, Not an Option

IEEE Student Member Megan Lyn Del Rosario demonstrates her research with heart auscultations at GESC Monday.

It was 1971 when Dr. Merwin Brown first heard the term smart grid. Decades later, there is still disagreement on its definition. But one thing there is no disagreement on is its necessity.

“We must have a smart grid. The smart grid is not an option, it’s a necessity,” said Brown, keynote speaker at Monday’s 7th annual IEEE Green Energy and Smart Systems Conference (IGESSC) at CSULB.

The event, organized by CSULB Electrical Engineering Chair Henry Yeh, draws researchers and practitioners to discuss research about smart systems and sustainable and green energy systems. This year’s theme is “Toward Smart Systems, Sustainable, Secure Cyber-Physical Energy Technologies.” Continue reading “GESC Keynote Speaker: Moving to Smart Grid a Necessity, Not an Option”

EE Alumni Chris Dunbar Speaks of Aerospace Opportunities

EE Alumni Chris Dunbar pictureWhen Christopher Dunbar studied electrical engineering at Cal State Long Beach in the late 1970s, he’d never heard of the term aerospace. Now he’s Associate Principal Director of the Aerospace Corp.

The El Segundo-based company provides technical expertise for the U.S. space program. Nearly three-quarters of the company’s 3,500 employees hold advanced degrees, including over 700 with doctorates. Continue reading “EE Alumni Chris Dunbar Speaks of Aerospace Opportunities”

8 Faculty Join College of Engineering

New Faculty snapshotThe CSULB College of Engineering has hired seven new tenure-track faculty, expanding expertise into technologies such as optoelectronic devices, the Internet of Things, Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS), thermal fluids, visual data sensing, and therapeutic systems to promote healing. In addition, Bill Wolfe, Faculty Emeritus in Ohio State University’s Civil, Environmental, and Geodesic Engineering Department, will spearhead growth of a new engineering specialty as temporary CSULB Beavers Endowed Chair in Heavy Civil Engineering. Continue reading “8 Faculty Join College of Engineering”

EE Honors Its 2016 Grads

The CSULB Electrical Engineering Department on Monday celebrated its 2016 graduates with an awards ceremony and celebration.

EE Chair Anastasios Chassiakos awarded the Distinguished Alumnus Award to BSEE graduate Jose Cartagena, manager of project engineering at Disneyland. “Jose is very accomplished,” said Chassiakos. “He started as an intern at Disneyland and stayed and rose through the ranks.

A member of the CSULB Electrical Engineering Advisory and Development Committee for 15 years, Cartagena was the recipient of Great Minds in STEM’s 2015 Hispanic Engineer National Achievement Awards Corp.’s Luminary Award. He was recognized for his commitment to community service, including volunteering to support the Salvadoran community in Los Angeles, where he encourages youth to get their education in STEM. Continue reading “EE Honors Its 2016 Grads”

Tech on Tour Stopping at CSULB

Tour Stopping at CSULBMany college students can’t wait for their favorite bands to go on tour. But in the CSULB College of Engineering, just as exciting—although maybe in a different kind of way—is when one of your favorite tech companies goes on tour.

On Wednesday, Feb. 3, a huge semi-truck will pull up on Beach Circle (near the College of Business Administration Building). But it won’t be full of roadies, amps, and robotic lighting. Instead it will contain Atmel microcontrollers and technical training staff.

Continue reading “Tech on Tour Stopping at CSULB”

EE Major Wins CSULB Essay Contest

alia bonetti-web
EE major Alia Bonetti, center, with EE Chair Anastasios Chassiakos, left, and Tesoro lead electrical engineer Kyle Weeks, right.

Electrical engineering senior Alia Bonetti has gotten a lot out of her internships with Tesoro. Since connecting with the company at a CSULB job fair, she’s worked for two summers, learned about the type of engineering she’d like to pursue–and won the campuswide Internship Essay Contest.

And late last year, she received something even more exciting: a job offer to work as a Tesoro electrical engineer after graduation this spring.

Calling her summer internships “a fantastic learning experience,” Bonetti said she worked on upgrades for protection systems and conducted electrical safety systems studies. “I got to do real engineering work, not busy work. I learned a lot about the type of engineering I want to do and the type of engineer I want to be.”

Continue reading “EE Major Wins CSULB Essay Contest”