CSULB College of Engineering Makes Efficiency Gains in Latest ASEE Rankings

The CSULB College of Engineering has made increased gains in the number of degrees awarded per faculty member and remains a leader in the number of engineering degrees awarded to Asian-American and Hispanic students.

In the most recent American Society for Engineering Education rankings, the CSULB College of Engineering ranked 1st among U.S. universities in the ratio of bachelor’s degree recipients to faculty. That was up from 2nd in the previous year.

The College of Engineering in 2017 ranked 16th for awarding Bachelor of Science engineering degrees to Asian-American students, and in the ASEE statistics for 2018, rose to 15th.

The College in 2018 ranked 7th in awarding undergraduate engineering degrees to Hispanic students. That compares with its 11th-place ranking in 2014 and and 6th-place ranking in 2017.

Over the past four years, the College of Engineering had steadily increased in for attracting female faculty, however the ranking dropped in 2018 due to the departure of two female faculty.

ASEE’s latest annual report also underscores the continuing strength of CSULB’s engineering program as related to student success. Whereas its headcount places it at 38th, the College ranked 33rd for the number of engineering degrees awarded in universities in the U.S. and Canada.

For individual engineering degree disciplines, CSULB ranked:

  • 8th for electrical engineering
  • 27th for mechanical engineering
  • 28th for computer science
  • 34th for computer engineering
  • 34th for civil engineering

ASEE statistics are generated from nearly 400 engineering schools in the U.S. and Canada each year. They are intended to provide students and administrators with a gauge of how well universities are performing.