CECEM Dept Lauds Class of 2016

Civil Engineering and Construction Engineering Management faculty lauded the accomplishments of their graduates at the Department Graduation awards ceremony and reception Monday.

“I know sometimes you wished your journey would continue and you could stay with us,” said CECEM Chair Tesfai Goitom.

“What a happy occasion, and I’m so glad to be here,” said Dean Forouzan Golshani. “I know each one of you has a wonderful story. I’m so glad you managed to maneuver around the obstacles.”

The College of Engineering Department Graduations were intended to give grads a chance to socialize with fellow students and say goodbye to faculty. “We organized this event so you can shake hands with your professors one more time. We salute you now not as students but as professional engineers,” the Dean said.

Alumni Caleb Shen (CE) and Kris Nordbak (CEM) received Distinguished Alumni Awards for their contributions to CECEM. “It’s a privilege to be receiving this,” said Shen, who graduated in December and now works as an engineer for Granite Construction. He credited ASAE with providing many learning opportunities during his time at CSULB.

Nordbak, who graduated in December 2005 and now works as Project Director at McCarthy Building Companies, also participated in ASAE. “A lot of what I got out of the department was not only friendships with fellow students but with faculty,” he said.

Students awards were handed out to Andres Bonilla Guerrero (MSCE), Ayman Itani (BSCE),

And Alejandro Aguilar (BSCEM), while Dong Y. Yoo was the recipient of a research award.

Cody Dodge (CE) and Alejandro Aguilar (CEM) received Professional Leadership Awards, and the recipients of the Student Competition Awards were Jayson Musngi (CE) and Ramon Del Toro (CEM).

Interim Associate Dean Tracy Maples said she still keeps in touch with college colleagues and faculty, even though it’s been decades since she graduated. She invited students to stay in touch via Facebook, Twitter, and the CSULB LinkedIn group. “Tell us all about the good things you’re doing,” she said.