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California State University, Long Beach

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (MAE)

$2,000 CALVEIN/NASA California SpaceGrant Scholarships/Fellowships


P-11 Vehicle prior to launch, June 2008


  • CALVEIN California Launch Vehicle Education Initiative
  • Five (5) $2,000 scholarships/fellowships
  • Funds from NASA Space Grant Consortium


Recipients of the scholarships/fellowships will participate in flight activities of P-18-class vehicles (similar to the P-11 (picture)). Specific areas where the recipients are expected to take a lead role include (pre- and post-flight):

  1. Vehicle operations management
  2. System integration, such as propulsion, electrical, etc.
  3. Payload management (in collaboration with other universities), & field ops
  4. Performance and data analysis


  • Enrolled CSULB undergraduate or graduate student
  • Major in CECS, Electrical, Aerospace, or Mechanical Engineering
  • U.S. Citizen or U.S. Resident (federal funds)


Acceptance of the scholarship supposes taking a leading role in a project for a period equivalent to approx. 10 weeks half-time Schedule to be arranged and technical details to be discussed, approx. March through June Contact Prof. Besnard for project details


Email Dr. Besnard, by Friday, February 18: Resume (showing your GPA) & Cover letter (discuss which project(s) above you would be interested in working on) including your statement of availability (equivalent to 10 weeks half-time) and name/contact of 3 references

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