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CALVEIN/Space Grants Fall $1,500 Scholarship Recipients Announced

Evan Smith, a Senior in Mechanical Engineering and Jimi Kim, a Junior in Computer Science, each received a $1,500 scholarship for the Fall 2004 semester. This scholarship is funded by the California Space Grant Consortium, one of NASA's 50 Space Grant consortia and aims at improving tomorrow's aerospace workforce by providing students with hands-on development experience.

Evan will continue to play a leadership role in the development of the NLV prototypes, and in particular for the upcoming "Flight Development Unit No. 1" (FDU-1, a.k.a. Prospector 5XL). P-5XL is targeted for launch on the Dec. 4-5 weekend at the MTA. Click here for details on the upcoming P-5XL flight readiness status.

Jimi, while continuing to participate in the NLV prototype developments, will concentrate his efforts on the manufacturing of an injector and associated components to be used with a ceramic thrust chamber. Tests of this injector and chamber are planned for early 2005.