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Planned Static Fire Test of LOX/Propylene Engine, Oct. 23, 2004

The CALVEIN team is gearing up for a third static fire test of a 500 lbf engine using LOX and propylene as propellants for Sat. Oct. 23. As usual, the actual test time will depend on last minute preparations. Propylene is being considered because it offers slightly higher ISP than RP-1, can be densified to get approximately the same density as kerosene, and is more environmentally friendly than RP-1.


Per Reaction Research Society policy, people attending tests are now required to obtain full-year membership PRIOR to the test date. CSULB affiliates (students, faculty and friends) interested in attending the test* and who are not already RRS members should submit a completed application form available on the RRS website at along with $35 check made payable to the RRS by Thursday, Oct. 21 (the team will meet in the Aerospace Systems Integration lab (ECS 104) at the regular hours).

For operations at the Mojave Test Area, including logistics and direction information, click here.

For additional information about either the CALVEIN project and/or the cooperative program between CSULB and Garvey Spacecraft Corporation, please contact the following project representatives:

  • Dr. Eric Besnard
  • Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Dept.
  • California State University, Long Beach
  • 1250 Bellflower Blvd Long Beach, CA 90840
  • Tel:(562) 985-5442
  • Fax:(562) 985-1669
  • John Garvey
  • Garvey Spacecraft Corporation
  • 389 Haines Avenue
  • Long Beach, CA 90840-1841
  • Tel:(562)-498-2984
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