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Space 2004 Conference, San Diego, CA, Sept. 28-30

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) is organizing the international Space 2004 Conference and Exposition in San Diego this year.

As it did last year in Long Beach, CALVEIN will be participating in a variety of venues:

  • Throughout the Conference:

    CSULB will have a booth in Education Alley, as part of the Exhibit Hall

  • Wednesday, Sept. 29

    2:00-2:30 pm: CALVEIN presentation in Education Alley

  • Thursday, Sept. 30

    10:40 -11:00 am: "Progress Towards the Development of a Dedicated Launch System for Nanosat Payloads," AIAA Paper No. 04-6003 by John Garvey & Eric Besnard.

    11:20 -11:40 am: "Aerospike Engines for Nanosat and Small Launch Vehicles (NLV/SLV)," AIAA Paper No. 04-6005 by Eric Besnard & John Garvey.

Students can register for free for the conference and are strongly encouraged to attend.

Please email Dr. Besnard for carpool information and/or if you would like to help with the booth.

The CALVEIN team hopes to see you there!

Space Conference 2004