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P-3 Second Flight Test Scheduled for the May 3-4 weekend at the MTA postponed due to wind and rain

Following their successful launch and recovery of Propspector-3 (P-3) conducted in February, a team from California State University, Long Beach and Garvey Spacecraft Corporation (GSC) was planning on conducting the second P-3 rocket launch on the May 3-4 weekend at the Mojave Test Area, site owned and operated by the Reaction Research Society. The launch was originally planned for Saturday, but a weather system going through Southern California on Friday night and Saturday forced the team to postpone the launch to Sunday. The team headed out to the MTA Sunday morning and was ready for launch early afternoon, but very strong winds forced the team to scrub the launch and postpone it to a later date. The target period is now late June, pending coordination with the RRS (and FAA).

Upcoming launch (date TBD):

Like for the first flight test of P-3, the thrust vector control system will be operated in open loop and acting only in one axis. This time, however, a PC 104 flight computer running Linux integrated in the rocket will log accelerometer and rate gyro data. Telemetry will be performed using Wi-Fi technology with a 1W amplifier. The data will be used to compare measured rocket dynamics with analytical model predictions for integration into the 2-axis closed-loop control system to be flown at a later date.

The Prospector-3 rocket will also fly a payload developed by USC students involved in the USC Microsatellite Program and a MEMS propulsion device developed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

As usual, the exact time will depend on last minute preparations and the launch may be postponed altogether. For detailed MTA operations information, click here.

For additional information about either the CALVEIN project and/or the cooperative program between CSULB and Garvey Spacecraft Corporation, please contact the following project representatives:

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