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California State University, Long Beach

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (MAE)

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Research & Publications

Dr. Eric Besnard

Papers at Conferences

  1. T. Iizuka, E. Besnard, T. Nagata, “Numerical Simulation of LOX/Methane Glow Plug Ignition System,” AIAA Paper No. 2011-5690, July 2011
  2. N. Harpal, E. Besnard, and R. Toossi, “Modeling of LOX/Methane Impingement, Mixing and Combustion,” AIAA Paper No. 2010-7135, July 2010
  3. A. Wilson, J. Clark, E. Besnard and M. Baker, “CFD Analysis of a Multi-Chamber Aerospike Engine in Over-Expanded, Slipstream Conditions,” AIAA Paper No. 2009-5486, August 2009
  4. A. Wilson, C. Bostwick, E. Besnard, R. Shinavski, “Ceramic Matrix Composite as Liners for Improved Ablative Chambers,” AIAA Paper No. 2009-5478, August 2009.
  5. E. Besnard, D. Verma, G. Haberstroh and J. Garvey, “Development and Flight Testing of a Pressure-fed 1,000 lbf LOX/methane Rocket Engine,” Paper No LPS-I-32, LPS Session 4K, JANNAF MSS/LPS/SPS Meeting, Orlando, Florida, Dec. 2008
  6. F. Courouble, E. Besnard and A. Schmitz, “Application of Constructive Neural Networks to America’s Cup Racing Yacht Performance Optimization,” Paper presented at the MDY’08, 3rd Symposium on Yacht Design and Production, Madrid Spain, 2008.
  7. G. Haberstroh, E. Besnard, M. Baker, and J. Garvey, “Development of a Prototype Rocket Engine for a Nanosat Launch Vehicle First Stage,” AIAA Paper No. 2008-4662, July 2008.
  8. E. Ringbom and E. Besnard, “Trades Between Regulated and Self- Pressurized Systems for LOX/Propylene NLV Upper Stage,” AIAA Paper No. 2008-4554, July 2008.
  9. E. Besnard, J. Clark and M. Baker, “Development and Characterization of a 1,300 lbf thrust Multi-chamber Aerospike Engine,” presented at the 54th Joint Army-Navy-NASA-Air Force (JANNAF) Propulsion Meeting, Denver, CO, May 2007.
  10. J. Garvey and E. Besnard, “Ongoing Nanosat Launch Vehicle Development for Providing Regular and Predictable Access to Space for Small Spacecraft,” Paper No. SSC05-X-2, 19th AIAA/USU Conference on Small Satellites, Logan, UT, Aug. 2005.
  11. J. Garvey and E. Besnard, “LOX-Propylene Propulsion testing for a Nanosat Launch Vehicle,” AIAA Paper No. 05-4294, presented at the Joint Propulsion Conference, Tucson, AZ, July 2005
  12. A. Schmitz, E. Besnard, and H. Hefazi, “Automated Hydrodynamic Shape Optimization using Neural Networks,” Paper No. C6 (D19), presented at the SNAME Maritime Technology Conference & Expo, Sept. 2004.
  13. E. Besnard and J. Garvey, “Development and Flight Testing of Liquid-Propellant Aerospike Engines,” AIAA Paper No. 04-3354, presented at the Joint Propulsion Conference, Fort Lauderdale, FL, July 2004. Awarded Best Paper in Liquid Propulsion, JPC 2005.
  14. J. Garvey, E. Besnard, G. Elson and K. Carter, “The Incremental Development of a Cost-Effective Small Launch Vehicle for Nanosat Payloads,” AIAA Paper No. 03-6390, presented at Space 2003, Long Beach, CA, Sept. 2003.
  15. E. Besnard, J. Garvey, A. Ketsdever and B. D’Souza, “Using Small Launch Vehicles and Microsatellites to provide Students a True Systems Integration Experience,” AIAA Paper No. 03-6307, presented at Space 2003, Long Beach, CA, Sept. 2003.
  16. E. Besnard and J. Garvey, “Educating Tomorrow’s Aerospace Engineers by Developing and Launching Liquid-Propelled Rockets,” Paper No. IAC-02-P.1.05, presented at the World Space Congress, Houston, Oct. 2002.
  17. E. Besnard, H.H. Chen, T. Mueller, and J. Garvey, “Design, Manufacturing and Test of a Plug Nozzle Rocket Engine,” AIAA Paper No. 02-4038, presented at the AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference & Exhibit, Indianapolis, July 2002.
  18. A. Schmitz, E. Besnard, and E. Vives, “Reducing the Cost of Computational Fluid Dynamics Optimization Using Multi Layer Perceptrons,” presented at 2002 World Congress on Computational Intelligence, May 2002.
  19. E. Besnard, B. Puech, D. Ivshin, O. Kural, and T. Cebeci, “Prediction of Stall and Post-Stall in Two- and Three-dimensional Flows,” AIAA Paper No. 00-0979, Jan. 2000.
  20. T. Cebeci, E. Besnard and S. Messié, "A Stability/Transition-Interactive-Boundary-Layer Approach to Multi-element Wings at High Lift," AIAA Paper 94-0292, Jan. 1994.
  21. T. Cebeci and E. Besnard, "Prediction of the Performance Degradation of an Aircraft in Natural Icing Conditions," AIAA Paper 94-0487 Jan. 1994 and invited paper in Proceedings of the First Bombardier International Workshop, Montréal, Canada, Sept. 1993. Also, Eric Besnard, MS Thesis, CSULB, Dec. 1992.

Book Chapters and Journal Articles

  1. A. Schmitz, F. Courouble, H. Hefazi and E. Besnard, “Modified Cascade Correlation Neural Network and its Applications to Multidisciplinary Analysis Design and Optimization in Ship Design,” Machine Learning, pp. 301-342, InTech, Feb. 2010
  2. E. Besnard, A. Schmitz, H. Hefazi and R. Shinde, “Constructive Neural Networks and their application to ship multi-disciplinary design optimization,” Journal of Ship Research, Vol. 51, No. 4, pp. 297-312, Dec. 2007.
  3. T. Cebeci and E. Besnard, "An Efficient and Accurate Approach for Analysis and Design of High Lift Configurations," Canadian Aeronautics and Space Journal, Vol. 44, No. 4, Dec. 1998 (invited paper in Proceedings of the Sixth Aerodynamic Symposium, Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute, Toronto, Canada, April 1997).
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