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California State University, Long Beach

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (MAE)

California Space Grant 2010-2011 UROP Scholarship Selections

"The National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program was designed to broaden the base of universities and individuals contributing to and benefiting from aerospace science and technology and ultimately to the development and utilization of space resources. Five CSULB students were awarded this California Space Grant for their research and efforts in the Aerospace field for 2010-2011. Congratulations to Carlos Branez, John Culbertson, Anthony Hartman, Jessica Rasmussen, and Jose Torres!"

Jessica Rasmussen and Anthony Hartman will perform thermal analyses of the liquid oxygen/propylene rocket engine they are developing, Carlos Banez will develop a water flow test stand to calibrate CALVEIN’s 5,000 lbf thrust class rocket engines, and Jose Torres and John Culbertson will conduct research in oxygen/methane ignition systems for space rocket engines.

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