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California State University, Long Beach

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (MAE)


Petition for Excess Units (Fall/Spring)

Petition for Excess Units (Summer only)

COE Grade Appeal Form

COE Grade Appeal Procedures

Engineering G.E. Waiver Form

Fieldwork Approval Request Form (BSMET Students)

Student Industrial Experience Form (BSMET Students)


Agreement for Independent Study Form (required for ALL supervision courses, in addition to the permission form)

MAE 491, Special Problems (1 - 3 units)

MAE 691, Directed Studies (1 - 3 units)

MAE 697, Directed Research (1 - 3 units)

MAE 698, Thesis (1 - 6 units)

MAE 795, Advanced Directed Studies (4 units)

MAE 797, Advanced Directed Research (4 units)

MAE 798, Doctoral Dissertation (4 - 12 units)

Note: All supervision courses (MAE 491, 691, 697, 698, 795, 797, 798) require a permit in order to register. Approved supervision course forms must be submitted to the MAE Administrative Support Assistant, Nancy Ko (Room ECS-636), who will give students the course code number (each faculty has a different code number) and a permit to register.


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