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California State University, Long Beach

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (MAE)

MAE Alumni: Top Ten Ways to Help Us!

  1. Spread the word and excitement about MAE programs to children. Visit local schools, your old high school, or your children’s school.
  2. Sponsor a scholarship for current students through your company or your own funds.
  3. Seek out and hire a MAE major for a summer internship.
  4. Donate old or unused equipment to the MAE Department.
  5. Donate supplies or services to support new design-based projects in MAE and ET-Manufacturing courses.
  6. Sponsor an industrial-relevant senior project.
  7. Come back to CSULB to give a talk/presentation at a student society meeting, or host a company tour for students.
  8. Give feedback to the MAE Department about what skills and/or topics would be helpful for current MAE students out in industry or graduate school.
  9. Keep in touch with us! Let us know what’s new with you, fill out an alumni survey when it is mailed to you, and visit us during our annual Open House.
  10. Write us a letter or send us an e-mail telling us how your education here has helped you succeed in your career. This information will be used at our next ABET accreditation visit.
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