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California State University, Long Beach

Electrical Engineering (EE)

Engineering Technology Program Goals

The Engineering Technology (ET) Programs at CSULB serve society by graduating well-prepared professionals, who are provided with an excellent education in the fundamentals of Engineering Technology through a combination of theory and laboratory practice, and who are able to apply their knowledge and transform their ideas into working systems. The goals of these ET programs are achieved through a number of educational objectives by the faculty participating in these programs:

  1. Preparing students to commit to life-long learning, continuing self-development and the ethical practice of Engineering Technology.
  2. Providing well-designed curricula, that meet the industry needs.
  3. Providing students with a solid foundation on a broad range of engineering technology areas, that are required of a professional technologist entering the workforce.
  4. Training students in analysis, applications and hands-on laboratory work.
  5. Providing students with opportunities to enhance their communication skills by means of writing reports, oral presentations and teamwork.
  6. Providing modern and well–equipped instructional laboratories.

Undergraduate Program Advisors

EE Undergraduate Advising

  • Dr. Fei Wang
    Mondays 12:30-3:00pm (by appointment)
    Wednesdays 1:30-3:00pm (walk-in)
    Students can make appointments with Dr. Wang by clicking on the following link:

    There will be no advising on Wednesday, November 11 and the week of Thanksgiving (November 23-27). There will be no advising during the week of finals.

EE Biomedical Advising

Engineering Technology

Official Program Information

*Note: although every effort is made to keep this Web site up to date, you should also consult the online catalog for official information and program requirements, which may vary depending on the year you enter(ed) the program.

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