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California State University, Long Beach

Electrical Engineering (EE)

Dr. Wagdy

Dr. Mahmoud Wagdy


Fall 2017 Schedule

Schedule Sem/Lab Time Days Room
E E 346-09 SEM 7-8:50PM Tu ECS-315
E E 346-10 LAB 7-9:45PM Th ECS-315
E E 430-01 SEM 11-12:15PM TuTh ECS-315
E E 430H-01 SEM 11-12:15PM TuTh ECS-315
E E 430L-01 LAB 1-3:45PM Tu ECS-315
E E 430L-03 LAB 7-9:45PM W ECS-315

Schedule updated: SEPTEMBER 12, 2017

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Dr. Wagdy's teaching interests include undergraduate and graduate courses in microelectronics, mixed-signal integrated circuit design, analog signal processing, design of electronic systems, etc. Past teaching includes digital electronics, microprocessors, signal analysis, etc. He upgraded the mixed-signals area via Cadence-funded software tutorials. His biography is listed in the AcademicKeys "Who is Who in Engineering Education" and the Marquis "Who is Who Among American Teachers and Educators".

Dr. Wagdy's recent research includes mixed-signal IC design and behavioral modeling. He started his research career with contributions to "Active-R Networks"; this was followed by contributions to computer-based measurements. His most cited contributions were the series of publications over 20 years about "Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs)" covering a wide range of topics namely: quantization, jitter, dithering, testing, behavioral modeling, switched-capacitor techniques, and mixed-signal IC design. He pioneered the derivation of important equations on ADC quantization errors of sinusoidal signals. He created novel techniques for quantifying the effects of various dither signals on linearizing the average-observed transfer characteristics of ideal and nonideal ADCs. He also contributed to ADC testing and created a new research engine for flash ADC behavioral modeling. His most recent research interests include digital phase-locked loops (DPLLs), especially "Fast-locking DPLLs". He has published 58 papers in prestigious journals and conferences (24 journal papers & 34 conference papers) up till 2007 and his research has been internationally cited 145 times in the Science Citation Index. He is the recipient of the Andrew R. Chi Best Paper Award for his paper on ADC dithering in the IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement (I&M), August 1989. He received the 2006 CSULB Distinguished Faculty Scholarly and Creative Achievement Award.

Dr. Wagdy did research with Analog Devices Inc. (Wilmington, MA, 1987). He was awarded a NASA Summer Faculty Fellowship at JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) (Pasadena, CA, 1998). He was also awarded an Air Force Summer Faculty Fellowship at the AFRL (Air Force Research Laboratory) (Dayton, Ohio, 2005). He provided consulting services for Racal Instruments, Inc. (Irvine, CA, 1998). He has worked on a number of funded research projects including a college NSF project "SCCEME" (Southern California Coalition for Education in Manufacturing Engineering), where he produced multimedia modules on electronic systems manufacturing and interference signal reduction. He was awarded an NSF (National Science Foundation) grant (2007-2009) for his US-Egypt Cooperative Research Proposal: "A Novel Flash Fast-Locking Wide-Band Digital Phase-Locked Loop". He is the Founder and Director of the Microelectronics Research Laboratory in the EE Department, which he established mainly via a significant laboratory grant of advanced instrumentation from Tektronix Inc., 1994. He supervised one Ph.D. student, 10 M.S. thesis students, and 40 M.S. project students. His biography is listed in the Marquis "Who is Who in America", the Marquis "Who is Who in Science and Engineering" and the Strathmore's "Who is Who Worldwide".

Dr. Wagdy is a senior member of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) and has served it in a number of editorial and administrative capacities. This includes Guest Editor for the 1994 Special Issue of the IEEE Transactions on I&M, Technical Program Chairman of the International IEEE I&M Technology Conference (IMTC/1993), Chairman of the IEEE Los Angeles Joint Chapter on I&M and Industrial Electronics (1992-96), and a member of the Editorial Review Committee of the IEEE Transactions on I&M. He was a session chairman, panelist, or a panel moderator in many international conferences. He served in many committees at the Department, College, and University levels at CSULB. He is also the preparer of the Accreditation ABET-2000 Self Study for the Electrical Engineering Department. He has been a Co-Chair of the 34th International Conference of the Association of Egyptian-American Scholars (AEAS), 2007. He was a TOKTEN expert for the Egyptian Academy of Science and Technology. Dr. Wagdy enjoys reading, travel, soccer-ball, arts, and chess.

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