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California State University, Long Beach

Electrical Engineering (EE)

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Dr. Ray Stefani


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Dr. Stefani received a BSEE degree from Notre Dame (1962), an MSEE from Arizona (1964) and a PhD from Arizona (1971). He worked in the aerospace industry for seven years with Mc Donnell Douglas and Hughes in advanced flight mechanics.

He joined the faculty at CSULB in fall 1971, rising to the rank of full professor in fall 1975. He has served on virtually every Electrical Engineering and College of Engineering committee, chairing many of those committees. He has served his department as undergraduate advisor for seven years, graduate advisor for seven years and acting chair twice. He recently sponsored major revisions to both the EE undergraduate and graduate programs.

Dr. Stefani has generated more than 80 publications including co-authoring four editions of a control system text book and contributing nine other book chapters and handbook sections. His areas of interest have included the optimal control of a developing nation's economy, an in depth understanding of the physics and causes of improvement in athletic performance, providing an understanding of gender-based athletic performance differences and understanding the basics of rating and predicting individual and team athletic performances. He has appeared on television twice, advised the international soccer organization as to changing its world rating system and contributed to the millennium edition of the New York Times. He has presented his work at conferences in the USA and in seven foreign nations on three continents. Those conferences have provided an international visibility to the California State University, Long Beach.

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