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California State University, Long Beach

Electrical Engineering (EE)

Radhe Das

Dr. Radhe Das

Emeritus Professor

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RADHE S. L. DAS, Ph.D., P.E.   


CHAIRMAN, Department of Electrical Engineering, California State University , Long Beach, 1988-1997.

PROFESSOR (Tenured), Department of Electrical Engineering, California State University , Long Beach , California . Fall 1982-Present.


Areas of Interest:   Electric Power Systems for Spacecraft, Aircraft, and Terrestrial Systems; Power Converters and Electronics; Smart Power Systems (Power Integrated Circuits); Electrochemical and other Energy Storage Systems for Space and Terrestrial Applications; Conventional and Alternative (Renewable) Energy Conversion Systems; Electronic Control of Electric Drives; Electric Vehicles and Transportation Systems; Instrumentation, Dynamics and Control of Nuclear Reactors; and Analysis and Design of Utility Power and Control Systems.

Current and Past Research Activities: Power Conditioning Subsystems for Space and Terrestrial Systems; Power Processing and Control of Spacecraft Systems including Space Station; Cost model of Spacecraft Power Systems; Selection and Evaluation of Batteries for Space and Terrestrial Applications; Innovative Space Power Systems; Pulse Power; and Application of Power Integrated Circuits (Smart Power Systems). Preparation and Presentation of Proposals for External and Internal Research Funds; Modernizing Research Facilities; Supervision of Research by Students; and Coordination of all Curricular Activities of Power and Energy Programs of the Department.

University Services:   Member, University Academic Senate; Member, University Planning and Educational Policies Council; Member, University Personnel Policies Council; Member, College Faculty Council; Coordinator for Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) Activities; Faculty Advisor, Electrical Engineering Industrial and Advisory Council; Member of Faculty Retention, Tenure and Promotion Committee; Member, Select Committees for the Dean and Associate Deans; and Chair, Department of Electrical Engineering (elected three times).

Other Activities : Organizer of Annual Battery Conferences on Applications and Advances since 1985; Organizer of National Workshop on Smart Power at Caltech in 1986 and 1993; Securing Equipment from Industries for Laboratories; Securing Scholarships and Jobs for Students from Industries; Publications; Writing Books and Reviewing Books for Publishers; and Evaluation of Papers of Others for Publications.

MEMBER OF TECHNICAL STAFF AND TECHNICAL GROUP LEADER , Avionic Equipment Section (344), Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California. July '78 - Retired, 2003.

Areas of Activities: Systems Engineering and Design of Space and Terrestrial Power Systems; Power Electronics; Instrumentation; and Control Systems Design and Analysis.

Space Program: Design of Space Power Systems, Power Conditioning for Electric Propulsion Systems, Pulse Power Systems; Cost Models for Spacecraft Power Systems; Selection and Analysis of Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems; Correlation Between State-of-Charge and AC Impedance of Cells; Evaluation of and Countermeasures Against Effects of Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) due to Nuclear Explosions in Space; Selection and Analysis of Power Supplies and Converters; Power Processing, Power Distribution and Power Management in Unmanned and Manned Space Missions including Space Station; and Power, Instrumentation, and Control Systems for Deep Space Network.

Civil/Energy Programs: Power Conditioning for Photovoltaic Systems; Power and Control Systems for Solar Thermal Electric Generation Options; Optimal Power Collection and Transport Network Design; and Power Systems Design and Analysis for Large Industrial Plants; Load and Energy Management Systems; Energy Conservation; MHD Generation; Solar and Wind Generations; Cogeneration; Fuel Cells; Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion; Utility Interface Issues and Related Control Problems; and Power Systems Analyses for Electric Vehicles.

Electrochemical Storage; Superconductive Material Energy Storage; and Flywheel, Thermal, and Compressed Air Energy Storage.

Communication and Control in Utility-Interactive Dispersed Energy Generation Sources; Energy Management Systems; Emergency Control; VAR Control; Effects of EMP on Electric Power System and its Components; Reliability, Availability and Maintainability of Systems; Development of Optical Sensors for Utility Applications; and Application of Neural Networks in Utility Power Systems.

Defense Program: Mobile Automated Field Implementation System (MAFIS - Simulated Warfare System) Instrumentation Identification and Power System Requirements; Battery Selection Based on Technical Trade-Off Analyses; and System Integration in terms of Circuit and Protection Design for Given Load Requirements.

Management Program: Completed all JPL Management Seminars, Courses, and Training.

SENIOR ELECTRICAL CONTROL SYSTEMS ENGINEER , C.F. Braun & Co., Alhambra , California . September, 1974 - July, 1978.

Nature of Systems: GE Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) Nuclear Power Plant; Condensate Demineralizers; Diamond Shamrock Petrochemical Plant; and Energy Conservation Projects for Heavy Industries.

Nature of Activities: Interdisciplinary Co-Ordination; External Interface; Preparation and Presentation of Reports and Documents; Identification and Implementation of Control Requirements; Design of Electrical Control Systems; and Scheduling.

Control and Instrumentation Systems Design; Control Systems and Equipment Specification; Hardware and Software Control Logic Design; Reliability Analysis; Stability Analysis; Load-Flow Studies; Short-Circuit and Set Point Calculations; Dynamic System Modelling; System Testing; Coordination of Hierarchy of Process Computers; Electric Drive Selections; Plant Protection Systems; Load Shedding; Load Sequencing; Emergency Controls; Shutdown Systems Design; Electrical Single-Line and Wiring Diagrams; Protection System Design; and Plant Grounding.

CONTROL SYSTEMS ENGINEER , Bechtel Power Corporation, Los Angeles, California. September, 1973 - September, 1974.

Nature of Systems:   PWR Nuclear Power Plant; Navajo Fossil Power Plant; and Southern California Edison SO 2 Removal Plant.

Nature of Activities:   Technical and Economic Trade-Off Analyses for S0 2 Removal Alternatives; Logic

Diagrams; Elementary Diagram, Short Circuit Calculations; Equipment Sizing and Selections; Combustion Control Systems; Plant Protection System; Mathematical Simulation on Digital Computer to Analyze Voltage and Frequency Fluctuations in Industrial Plant Dynamics Following Abnormal Conditions; and Environmental Considerations for Nuclear, Coal, and Industrial Plants.

PREDOCTORAL TEACHING ASSOCIATE, Electrical Engineering Department, University of Washington , Seattle , Washington . September, 1968 - August, 1973.

Research in Control of Electric Power System Dynamics and Teaching and Laboratory Instructions in Energy Conversion, Analog and Digital Electronics, Digital Computer Hardware Logic and Programming, Control Theory, Power Systems and Instrumentation in both Graduate and Undergraduate Programs.

ASSISTANT PROFESSOR , Electrical Engineering Department, Bihar Institute of Technology, Sindri, Bihar, India . September, 1966 - September, 1968.

Teaching and Laboratory Instructions in Control Theory, Network Theory and Electrical Machinery in Undergraduate Program and Instrumentation and Control Systems in Postgraduate Program.

SENIOR FELLOW , Electrical Engineering Department, September, 1963 - September, 1966. Ministry of Education and Scientific Research, Government of India Placed at Bengal Engineering College , Sibpur, W.B., India ).

Research in Predictor-Controlled Feedback Control System and Teaching and Laboratory Instructions in Electrical Machine Theory and Design, Circuit Theory and Electronics.

LECTURER , Electrical Engineering Department, Muzaffarpur Institute of Technology, Muzaffarpur, Bihar , India . June, 1963 - September, 1963.

Teaching and Laboratory Instructions in Electric Traction and Machine Theory.

ASSOCIATE LECTURER , Electrical Engineering Department, Regional Institute of Technology, Jamsedpur, Bihar , India . July, 1962 - June, 1963.

Teaching and Laboratory Instructions in Electric Field and Circuit Theory and Electrical Machine Theory.


Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering: University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, 1973.

Dissertation: Supplementary Controls for Frequency Stabilization in Multimachine Electric Power Systems.

Subjects: Electric Power Systems (Modelling, Stability, Optimization, Controls and Protection), Control Systems (Linear, Non-Linear, Optimal, Adaptive, Stochastic, Discrete and Computer-Control), Electronics (Digital, Analog and Physical), and Network Theory (Analysis, Synthesis, Active and Topology).

Master of Electrical Engineering: University of Calcutta, India, 1965. Second Rank in the University Final Examination (Unfortunately received one point less out of 1000).

Thesis: Predictor-Controlled Feedback Control Systems.

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering: University of Ranchi, Bihar Institute of Technology, Sindri, India, 1962. First Class with Distinction.

Intermediate of Science: University of Patna, Patna Science College, Patna, India, 1958. First Division with Distinctions in Physics and Mathematics.

High School:   Bihar State School of Examination Board, Patna, India, 1956. First Division with the Second Rank in the entire State of Bihar (94,000 examinees).



Nominated for IEEE Fellow .


Registered Professional Electrical Engineer in California (by examination in 1974 - 95% score).


Chairman and Organizer, Annual Battery Conference on Applications and Advances co-sponsored by Jet Propulsion Lab., California Institute of Technology; Dept. of Electrical Engineering, CSULB: and IEEE, ECS, AIAA, SCE, LA DWP and other organizations. 1986 - present.

Senior Member, IEEE. Member of AES, PEL, Power and Magnetics Societies.

Member, IEEE Sponsored IECEC '96 Conference.

Member, IEEE Committee on Standards for Spacecraft Power Systems.

Senior Member, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA).

Member, Eta Kappa Nu and Tau Beta Pi Honor Societies.

U.S. DOE and NASA SBIR Proposal Evaluator.

Member, IEEE Photovoltaic Subsystems Committee.

Member, University Academic Senate, Policy and Educational Planning Council, Financial Affairs Council and Faculty Personnel Policies Committee.

Member, IEEE Power Conditioning Subcommittee.

Member, Jet Propulsion Laboratory University Recruitment Committee for Employment of Engineers.


Coordinator, U.S. Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology, CSU, Long Beach.


University Outstanding Professor Award, California State University , Long Beach , 1987.

Nomination for Trustee Outstanding Professor Award, State of California , 1987.

University Distinguished Faculty Award 1986-87.

Meritorious Performance and Promise Awards, CSU, Long Beach , 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989.

TRW Award for Excellence in Teaching, 1986-87.

NASA Award on a paper on Applications of Electrochemical Energy Storage in Solar Thermal Systems.

Contracts from DWP, JPL, SCE and Teledyne.

NASA Certificate of Excellence on Solar Thermal Project.

Government of India, Council of Scientific Research and Development, Senior Fellowship, 1963 - 1966.

Government of India, Ministry of Education Merit Scholarship, 1956 - 1962.

Government of India Award of Technical Teachers' Training Program Certificate for Teaching at Institute of Higher Learning.


Over seventy publications including technical papers and reports. Furnished upon request.

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