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California State University, Long Beach

Electrical Engineering (EE)

Should I Choose Computer Engineering Technology?

What is Computer Engineering Technology?

The Computer Engineering Technology program, accredited by TAC of ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology), is designed to provide a solid technical foundation to its graduates which will enable them to perform well in a variety of employment situations. The program focuses on applications of current computer technologies to solve real-world problems by offering a broad curriculum which covers current trends in the industry. The program is available to students interested in the manufacturing of computers and the applications and operations aspects of computer hardware and software. The graduates of this program will specifically find employment in industry and other organizations where a combination of practical hardware and software background is important.

Who Should Take It?

The program has been developed to accommodate students who may wish to enter the University in a four-year program, or who may wish to transfer credits earned from other colleges or approved technical or military service schools.

What Type of Career Does It Prepare Students for?

The primary objective of the Computer Engineering Technology program is to prepare graduates to pursue careers related to manufacturing, integration, and support of computer systems. Emphasis is placed on specific job skills required of entry level professionals in computer industry, including systems analysis and design, data administration, oral and written communication, and management principles.

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