Dr. Bahram Shahian

Dr. Shahian is co-author of five books on control systems, and author of one of the first books on Matlab. He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from University of Texas at Austin, an M.S. in Engineering-Economic Systems from Stanford University, and an Engineer Degree and Ph.D. from UCLA in Engineering Systems. His specialization was control systems and his dissertation was on decentralized control and estimation.

After graduation, he worked at Rockwell International (currently part of Boeing) for two years, along with teaching at USC and UCLA, and joined CSULB in 1983. His research interests are in the areas of decentralized control and estimation of large-scale systems, robust and H-infinity control, and EE education. His current interest is in developing innovative and captivating low-cost tools and toys (such as Legos) for teaching electrical engineering. He is former chair of the Electrical Engineering Department.

Spring 2018 Schedule

Schedule Sem/Lab Time Days Room
E E 310-02 SEM 2-3:15PM TuTh VEC-419
E E 370-02 SEM 12:30-1:45PM TuTh VEC-420
E E 370H-01 SEM 12:30-1:45PM TuTh VEC-420
E E 370L-01 LAB 3:30-4:45PM TuTh VEC-420
E E 471-01 SEM 9:30-10:20AM TuTh VEC-420
E E 471-02 LAB 11-12:15PM TuTh VEC-420
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Office: VEC-415
Phone: 562.985.8053
Email: bahram.shahian@csulb.edu
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