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California State University, Long Beach

Chemical Engineering (ChE)

Unit Operations Laboratory

panoramic picture of the unit operations laboratory

The Unit Ops Lab is dedicated for instruction of the two ChE undergraduate lab courses, and the equipment within are also used in various lecture ChE courses. The lab that sits on 2900 square feet and houses 8 pilot-scale and 11 bench-scale chemical process equipment as well as numerous analytical instruments. This equipment creates an atmosphere of “miniaturized” chemical processes where the students learn the concept of chemical processes being composed of a variety of unit operations. Each piece of equipment supports instruction in multiple courses. For example, students are able to observe the enrichment of the more volatile ingredient by using the pilot-scale 8-tray distillation column. . The department has upgraded the equipment or integrated several pieces of equipment with modern information technology. They not only compare the experimental results with theoretical predictions but also gain hands-on experience in remote sensing and automatic control via Internet using newly installed LabVIEW hardware and software. Besides learning the governing principles of every piece of equipment, students are required to use software (such as PRO/II, Loop Pro, LabVIEW, and Excel) installed on all of the laboratory computers to perform data acquisition, analysis and/or simulation.

Pilot-Scale Process Equipment

Bench-Scale Process Equipment

Analytical Instruments (in Unit Ops Lab)

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