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California State University, Long Beach

Chemical Engineering (ChE)


The Chemical Engineering department faculty and staff have made great efforts to maintain and modernize our equipment and instrumentation to motivate ChE students to learn and do quality work in the six laboratories. The department has a well-equipped, fully functional Unit Operations Laboratory that includes modules of major process units to support undergraduate instruction in all core areas (thermodynamics, fluids, separation processes, heat and mass transport, reaction engineering, and process control). The Unit Ops lab houses numerous pilot- and bench-scale chemical processing equipment as well as instrumentation. To stay abreast of current trends in industry, the department has made a major effort to integrate many of the equipment with data acquisition and process control capabilities. The department also has a modern computational resources lab (with 30 PCs), where students are instructed how to use industrially relevant software such as PRO/II, LabVIEW, Loop Pro, COMSOL Multiphysics, Excel and Matlab. In recent years, three new ChE tenure-track faculty members established three new laboratories and acquired lab supplies, equipment and analytical instruments. The following three facilities are used for teaching and research purposes: Microfabrication Lab, Analytical Instrumentation Lab and the Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Lab. With these labs, the faculty have been actively involving students in applied engineering projects and state-of-the-art research.

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