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California State University, Long Beach

Chemical Engineering (ChE)

Catalyst and Reaction Engineering Laboratory

picture of the Catalyst and Reaction Engineering Laboratory

The Catalyst & Reaction Engineering Lab is the newest lab established in the ChE department. Graduate and undergraduate students have an opportunity to use the lab equipment to study various chemical reactions and catalyst materials. In this lab, new chemical reactors were purchased and built for both educational and research purposes. Currently, there are two reactors in this lab: a liquid phase batch reactor and a continuous plug flow reactor. We also have analytical instruments to monitor the chemical reactions.


picture of Gas Reactor

Continuous Plug Flow Reactor. This 4-channel reactor, which is good for studying gas phase reactions, was built at CSULB from scratch. The 6 mm diameter quartz tube flow reactor is equipped with a tubular and well-insulated furnace that can reach temperatures up to 800 degrees Celsius. A thermocouple is attached to the outside of the reactor to measure operating temperature, which is controlled with a temperature controller. The flow rate of reactant gases are controlled and the reactor effluent composition is quantified using a SRI Gas Chromatograph (SRI 8610C). The GC is equipped with a molecular sieve 13X & HayeSep D packed column. The GC is equipped with two different detectors (TCD and FID).

picture of Liquid Reactor

Liquid Phase Batch Reactor. The one-liter jacketed reactor is equipped with an agitator and a temperature controller. The equipment is good for kinetic studies of low pressure liquid phase reactions up to 200 degrees Celsius.

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