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California State University, Long Beach

Chemical Engineering (ChE)

Dr. Jang

Dr. Larry Jang


Summer 2017 Schedule

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No Instruction this term

Schedule updated: JULY 13, 2017

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Dr. Larry Jang has joined CSULB since 1984 after obtaining PhD in Chemical Engineering from University of Southern California. His early research is focused on Biochemical Engineering and he has published close to 30 journal papers. His publications, particularly those related to recovery of heavy metals by biopolymers have been cited more than 400 times by science and engineering community. In 1996, he was selected by the university to receive the Outstanding Professor in Scholastic Activity award. He has also been named as the Most Valuable Professor by the Outstanding College of Engineering graduate in 2005.

Dr. Larry Jang's current research and course development are focused on the establishment of state-of-the-art automatic control systems in the Unit Operations Laboratory in the Department of Chemical Engineering. Through his efforts and with the assistance and advice from his colleagues and technical staff, four major experiments in the department have been either upgraded or converted to LabVIEW-based control systems. These four experiments are Flow, Level, and Temperature Control Station, Sour Gas Absorption Control Station, Double-pipe Heat Exchanger Control Station, and Pilot-scale Distillation Column Control Station. One key feature of these systems is that all antiqued elements are removed and replaced with modern Internet-based data acquisition hardware from National Instrument (vendor of LabVIEW) and advanced final control elements such as magnetic flow meter, electronic control valve, and electronic gas sensor…etc. Dr. Larry Jang has developed expertise in programming of control loops for these systems using LabVIEW to suit the specific needs of each and every system. Now the department has established the infrastructure of performing automatic control, locally or remotely, via Internet! With this successful endeavor, the department has a plan to expand LabVIEW technology to the rest of the Unit Operations Laboratory. The department has set up a "Control Center" in the computer laboratory adjacent to the Unit Operations Laboratory to mimic the industrial setting-all controls can be launched from the computer lab and data collection and analysis can be performed remotely. Dr. Larry Jang's laboratory is likely to become a model of using modern LabVIEW technology in engineering education and application.

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