Dr. Ted Yu has a strong combination of industry and academic experience. His exposure to alternative energy began while studying battery materials as a UCLA undergraduate. While earning his master’s degree, he worked with Lawrence Berkeley Lab’s electrochemistry group on a battery system that uses lithium and sulfur, producing a highly cited paper, then going to work for a battery manufacturing company. He returned to CSULB to obtain a degree in Chemical Engineering, then returned to industry before earning a Ph.D. at Caltech. He studied with Bill Goddard, focusing on computational modeling of materials and publishing nearly a dozen papers on batteries and fuel cells. After Caltech, he worked at UCLA as a postdoctoral researcher, focusing on computational simulations of solar cells at the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics.

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Assistant Professor

Office: EN2-100A
Phone: 562.985.7934
Email: ted.yu @csulb.edu
Website: http://www.its.caltech.edu/~tedhyu/
Office Hours: TBD