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California State University, Long Beach

Chemical Engineering (ChE)

Chemical Engineering (Ch E)

From cosmetics to plastics, potato chips to microelectronic chips, or energy to environment, chemical engineers design, maintain, or optimize manufacturing processes that convert raw chemical materials into products of economic utility in an environmentally responsible manner. The ChE Department at CSULB has ushered in information technology to its Unit Operations Laboratory. Major equipment is equipped with modern sensors and can be monitored or controlled via Internet using LabVIEW algorithm custom-designed by its faculty. Besides, students learn how to optimize chemical processes, both economically and environmentally, by using modern chemical process design software before they graduate. The industry comments that our graduates can "touch the ground running"!

Invitation to Apply for Lecturer's Position

The Department of Chemical Engineering is accepting applications for part-time instructors in all areas of chemical engineering. Interested individuals must hold at least a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering, although a PhD degree is preferred. Please send a copy of your resume to: