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California State University, Long Beach

Computer Engineering & Computer Science (CECS)

CECS Department Organizations: Join, Have Fun and Learn New Skills

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

ACM is the student chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery is advancing the science and application of information technology by providing students with real world information through guest speakers, workshops, seminars, projects, and other activities. Learn more about ACM.

Embedded Application Technology (EAT)

EAT strives to provide an environment for new ideas in the field of embedded appliances, to form a bridge from education to innovation. Join EAT and Explore the exciting world of embedded Internet appliances. Learn more about EAT.

Long Beach Maker Society (LBMS)

LBMS is a collaborative organization most well-known for their 3D printer building and other basic electronics workshops that aims to give students and community members the tools, skills and support they need to make their ideas reality. Learn more about LBMS. Learn more about LBMS.

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CECS ACM Programming Team

The CECS ACM Programming Team is sponsored by the student chapter of ACM. The team represents CSULB in the annual ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest. Contact Steven Gold for more information

Associated Engineering Student Body (AESB)

Associated Engineering Student Body is home to the many student organizations within the College of Engineering at California State University, Long Beach. Every student should try to be an active member of a student organization! Check out the list of our student organizations and join the one that pertains to your interests or field of study.