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California State University, Long Beach

Computer Engineering & Computer Science (CECS)

CECS Undergraduate Policies and Procedures

  • Program Planner/Transfer Credit: All students must meet with the undergraduate advisor before or during their first semester in attendance at CSULB. The primary purpose of this first meeting is to complete a Program Planner. This document precisely lists the courses that must be taken in order to fulfill the Departmental requirements for the degree. The CECS undergraduate advisor will assess the equivalency of any other courses taken at other institutions. Transferable courses will be shown as approved substitutions on the student's Program Planner. When requesting a transfer credit evaluation, the student should provide the undergraduate advisor with a catalog description of the course. The department will not approve the transfer of computer engineering upper division courses taken at an institution that is not accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology.

  • Change of Major: A student who wants to change his/her major to computer engineering or computer science must obtain the undergraduate advisor's signature on a Change of Major form.

  • Credit/No Credit: CECS majors may not take any required course in the Credit/No Credit mode.

  • General Education Six-Unit Waiver: Students in Computer Engineering (NOT Computer Science) may waive six units of GE requirements. Waiver forms are available from the undergraduate advisor.

  • Prerequisite Grades: Students must earn a grade of C or better in any course which is a prerequisite for a required course. Students who receive a D, F or U in such a prerequisite must repeat the course.

  • Repeat-Delete Policy: An undergraduate student is eligible to repeat a course once for the purpose of deleting a grade of D,F or U. Departmental approval is not required. The university's repeat-delete policy is outlined in the CSULB Schedule of Classes.

  • Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR): The GWAR Placement Exam (GPE), beginning Fall 2016, replaces the Writing Proficiency Exam (WPE). Students' GPE scores determine the GWAR Pathway best suited for them. Students who took the WPE are not required to complete the GPE; their scores are still valid for determining their GWAR Pathway. Find out more about the GPE.

  • Grade Point Average (GPA): To be eligible for graduation a student must attain at least a 2.0 GPA in each of the following four categories: all courses taken at all colleges and universities (Cumulative GPA); all courses taken at CSULB; all major courses; and all upper division major courses.

  • Grad Check: Students are evaluated for graduation by both the university and the department. The department grad check process is initiated by meeting with the undergraduate advisor to complete a Program Planner. A copy of this approved program must be submitted to the Office of Enrollment Services before the university grad check process is begun. The university grad check is initiated by filing a Request to Graduate form with the Office of Enrollment Services. Spring and Summer graduation candidates should file before Oct. 1, and students planning to graduate Fall or Winter should file by the preceding March 1.

  • Excess Units: Students may not take more than 18 units per semester (for freshmen, the limit is 17) without permission from the Dean of Undergraduate studies. In general, the CECS department does not approve Extra Unit Petitions.

  • Change of Major: A student who wants to change his/her major to computer engineering or computer science must obtain the undergraduate advisor's signature on the Change of Major form.

  • Dropping Classes: Deadlines for withdrawing from classes are found in the current semester's Schedule of Classes. It is the responsibility of the student to drop a course. It should not be assumed that the instructor will drop students who do not attend the class.

  • Independent Study Course: Enrollment in CECS 497 (Directed Studies) requires the consent of a full-time faculty member to act as supervisor and a GPA of at least 2.5 in the major. An Agreement for Independent Study form, signed by the supervising faculty member, must be submitted to the Administrative Support Corrdinator who will supply the appropriate code number and enter an electronic registration permit .


Additional Official Program Information

*Note: although every effort is made to keep this Web site up to date, you should also consult the printed catalog for official information and program requirements, which may vary depending on the year you enter(ed) the program.

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