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California State University, Long Beach

Computer Engineering & Computer Science (CECS)


  • Please tell your classmates about this newsletter, let them know about the items covered here and the opportunities listed. I hope it's a useful resource.
  • CECS is not impacted!! As the advisor of computer science, I want to clarify to all CECS students (and faculty) that CECS is not impacted. CSULB maintains a list of impacted majors, you'll notice that no Engineering major is listed there. There are new admissions criteria for transfer students that will go in effect Fall 2013, but this does not make the majors impacted. Unfortunately, these admissions criteria were described incorrectly and rumors have spread about impaction. Hopefully this clears up everything.

Industry News

Advising Corner

ENGR 101, 102 and CECS 105 requirements

Note that the degree requires many courses including ENGR 101, ENGR 102, and CECS 105. In order to graduate all students must satisfy these requirements. For now, CECS 105 has only been scheduled in Spring semesters. Students need to plan taking all of these or they risk not being able to graduate. Please see your advisor for more information.

Declaring an Engineering major

If you know of someone who wants to be in an Engineering major (in particular those in our department, computer science or computer engineering), please have them contact the respective advisors ASAP. Due to several University policies put in place because of the budget shortfalls, students are now under more restrictions with regards to changing majors, withdrawing from classes, repeating classes, etc.

One of the policies affecting anyone who wants to declare an Engineering major is that students must first complete MATH 122 with a C or better. This is the case for any of the Engineering majors.

Spring 2012: Deadline to withdraw is April 20

Students are reminded that the deadline to withdraw from classes without the College Dean's signature is April 20. Withdrawing from classes after April 20th is only approved for reasons beyond the student's control. See, Withdrawal during the final three weeks of instruction for complete details.

Mandatory Advising of new transfer students

College of Engineering undergraduate students who transferred to CSULB beginning this Spring 2012 have mandatory advising and must meet with their major advisor in order to release the hold on their Fall 2012 registration. All such transfer students should have received an e-mail message letting them know of this requirement. Please see your major advisor ASAP so that you can be advised on the requirements of the major and the classes to enroll in Fall 2012.

Fall 2012: Limited enrollment

You are likely all aware now of the limited enrollment that CSULB has had to impose due to the impending budget shortfall. Here is a summary of the limits on enrollment for Fall 2012:

  • All students will initially be allowed to register for up to 13 units, no exceptions
  • On August 3rd registration will open to all students to enroll in up to 16 units
  • Graduating seniors (Fall 2012 and Spring 2013) can appeal to take more units, only if the unit limit prevents their scheduled graduation date. All appeals will be reviewed by the Office of Undergraduate Studies. Petitions are being accepted now and will be reviewed starting in May.

I strongly recommend students to enroll in courses that are crucial for a timely graduation. If you need help planning, please see your respective adviser.

If the budget cuts remain permanent, Spring 2013 courses will be even more limited.

Educational leave of absence

If you are a continuing student and you do not plan to attend CSULB in the Fall, you should file an educational leave (PDF form).

If you're receiving this message as a continuing student but did not enroll in any classes this Spring 2012 semester, you must file the educational leave. Otherwise, you may not be eligible to register for Fall 2012 and may have to reapply to the University for admission.


Entertainment Software Association Foundation Scholarship Program

In 2007 the ESA Foundation established a scholarship program to assist women and minority students who are pursuing degrees leading to careers in Computer and Video Game Arts. The scholarships are offered for full-time undergraduate study at accredited four-year colleges and universities in the USA.

Applicants must be:

  • Women or minority students,
  • Pursuing degrees leading to careers in computer and video game arts (high school seniors must already be accepted into a program),
  • Enrolling or enrolled in a full-time undergraduate course of study at an accredited four-year college or university in the United States,
  • Maintaining a grade point average of 2.75 or above on a 4.0 scale (or its equivalent), and US citizens.

For more information and to apply, visit the ESA scholarship program website.

Internships and Jobs

CSULB HSI STEM: Promotores de STEM

The HSI STEM grant that has been awarded to CSULB continues its progress. We are now hiring CSULB students who are currently in a STEM major to be mentors to other STEM students.

The HSI STEM Program is seeking 10 Promotores de STEM from the COE and 10 from the CNSM who are interested in working on a university-wide initiative to improve the recruitment, retention, academic performance, and graduation rates of Latino students in STEM majors. Promotores will be trained to mentor and tutor first generation-educated Latino undergraduate students.

Under the direction of the Promotores Coordinator, each Promotor/a de STEM will be responsible for mentoring and tutoring a cohort of Latino students pursuing degrees in STEM disciplines. Promotores de STEM will be available to work 20 hours/week including some evenings and weekends. In addition, the Promotores de STEM will assist with any HSI STEM Program events, workshops, presentations, mentee recruitment activities, etc.


  • 20 hours/week paid ($10.00/hour)
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Experience in fostering academic success among Latino college students
  • Flexible work schedule


  • CSULB student majoring in a science, technology, engineering and/or mathematics discipline
  • Major GPA of 2.7 or above
  • Completed the majority of lower division major requirements
  • Ability to tutor algebra, trigonometry, calculus, physics, or general chemistry
  • Maintain a strong desire to mentor other Latino students interested in obtaining degrees in STEM fields
  • Leadership skills as demonstrated by exercising mature judgment in independent decision-making, taking initiative, and displaying creativity in coordinating project components
  • Knowledge of computer essentials, including competency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Ability to work as a team member and maintain flexible working hours
  • Excellent communication and public-speaking skills
  • Bicultural and/or Bilingual: English & Spanish (written and oral) preferred

Applications are being accepted now! To apply, interested students may pick up an Application Packet at the HSI STEM Office located in Kinesiology Building, Room 17.

For more information please contact Dennise Lopez, Promotores Coordinator via e-mail:

Los Alamos National Laboratory: web system developer

Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) is seeking an exceptionally qualified and motivated graduate or undergraduate student to develop a novel web-based aurora borealis observation and prediction system. Data from social media, direct citizen reports, and space-based sensing systems will be collated to create and present geographic estimates of current and future aurora activity.

This individual will assist in maintaining a production research web system, planning and implementing new features and experiments, and diagnosing and fixing bugs. He or she will work closely with other team members (one technical staff member and one postdoc). This is a full-time summer position with the possibility of extension. The successful graduate student, and the highly successful undergraduate, can expect the work to result in a peer-reviewed publication at a top-tier venue.


  • Demonstrated success developing web applications.
  • Demonstrated success working with Linux/Unix.
  • Demonstrated excellence in creative problem solving and teamwork.
  • Working knowledge of at least two programming languages, including Python or a related language.
  • Good writing skills.

Interest in social computing, human computation, and/or space science is a plus, as is experience in starting new web systems.

To apply, please send via e-mail the following items in PDF format to Elizabeth MacDonald: and Reid Priedhorsky: Questions should be directed to the same addresses.

  • Resume or CV.
  • Cover letter which addresses specifically the qualifications above.
  • Unofficial transcript.
  • Letter of recommendation from a faculty member, sent directly by the faculty member to the individual named above.

Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled.

This work is a joint venture between the Space Sciences and Applications Group and the Center for Nonlinear Studies (CNLS). Both groups have a strong record of planning, executing, and publishing scholarly research. Support will be provided by internal R&D seed funding. LANL is located in Los Alamos, a picturesque mountain town in northern New Mexico.

LANL is an equal opportunity employer and supports a diverse and inclusive workforce. We welcome and encourage applications from the broadest possible range of qualified candidates. The Laboratory is also committed to making our workplace accessible to individuals with disabilities and will provide reasonable accommodations, upon request, for individuals to participate in the application and hiring process.

Earth Science Associates: Programmer and Web Developer

Earth Science Associates, a small GIS research and software development firm in Long Beach is offering two paid internships for students in the Computer Science department.

Programmer Intern: Primary projects involve automated data processing in geographic information systems (GIS) that will combine internal processes using Access and Oracle databases (using python, VBA and SQL) and server/client updating processes using ArcGIS Server and some form of a Windows service.


  • Knowledge of VB.NET and Visual Studio.
  • Knowledge of SQL.
  • Knowledge of Python.
  • Experience with relational databases, particularly Oracle.
  • Experience developing windows services.
  • Familiarity with ArcGIS Server beneficial.

Compensation: $20-23 per hour based on experience and programming level

Web Developer Intern Experienced VB.NET and PHP programmer needed for development of web application for mobile devices, based on existing conventional web application. Application requires database interaction and mapping component via ArcGIS Server. Further work entails enhancement of existing application.


  • Knowledge of VB.NET and Visual Studio.
  • Knowledge of PHP.
  • Experience with mobile web applications.
  • Knowledge of interaction and basic development of web services.
  • Familiarity with ArcGIS Server beneficial.

Compensation: $20-23 per hour based on experience and programming level

Earth Science Associates produces the market-leading 2-D and 3-D GIS used in oil and gas exploration and production. It has pioneered development of 3-D GIS in subsurface applications and integration of geologic, engineering and geophysical data from a wide variety of data sources and platforms. For more information, see

To inquire about the position and to apply, contact Tony Dupont via e-mail:

Khan Academy: Multiple positions

The has a number of job openings available. Currently, the list includes several intern and full time positions as software developer and mobile developer.

If you want to build starting Day 1 and are looking for a culture of creation and innovation, check out Khan Academy, an education tech startup in Mountain View CA that is revolutionizing education. Our mission is to provide a free world-class education for anyone, anywhere and we are looking for top-notch software developers and data scientists to help create a virtual classroom for the world. We already have millions of students learning every month, and we're growing quickly. We're backed by the The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and recently won Google's Project 10 to the 100 of ideas to change the world. Our small, growing team includes jQuery creator John Resig and Google's first hire Craig Silverstein. [btw, we're a non-profit that offers super competitive salaries and full benefits]

Rhythm & Hues: software developer and internship positions

With some of the world's top creative talents and best technologies, Rhythm & Hues delivers outstanding, award-winning visual effects and animation

Simulation Software Developer (R&D)

Currently seeking full time staff software developers to work in our Simulation Group on dynamic and natural environment simulations. Developers work closely with Technical Directors and artists to spec out new tools and features. Developers are also expected to keep up with the latest industry trends and research, and propose solutions to production problems. Responsibilities include: research, design, implementation, and support of core in-house software tools.

Required Skills:

  • Strong knowledge of one or more areas of physical simulation, such as classical mechanics, fluid dynamics, cloth dynamics, rigid body dynamics, structural mechanics, or continuum mechanics.
  • Excellent C/C++ skills.
  • Strong ability to analyze vague problem descriptions and formulate effective solutions.
  • Excellent communications skills and ability to work with non-technical users.
  • Knowledge of computer graphics.
  • Solid foundation in programming fundamentals, such as data structures, algorithms, systems, and programming languages.
  • Masters or PhD in relevant science, such as physics, mathematics, chemistry, engineering, computer science, etc.

Desired Skills – Knowledge in one or more of the following is highly desirable:

  • Numerical analysis, including multi-grid methods, PDE solvers, numerical integration, finite differencing and finite element methods.
  • Maya/Houdini/other 3D tools, especially APIs and plug-in development.
  • Professional experience in computer graphics software development.

Qualified candidates can find more information and apply on the official page describing this Rhythm & Hues simulation software developer position.

Software Intern

The Rhythm & Hues Software Intern will work closely with our Graphic Scientists to integrate non-rigid geometry registration based on prototype code currently available.

Potential Responsibilities:

  • Create a fully automatic pipeline for finding an intrinsic map between two non-isometric, genus zero surfaces.
  • Work with Möbius Voting or Heat Kernel Maps, using a weighted combination to produce a blended map.
  • Research to find a set of candidate maps mi and their associated blending weights bi(p) for every point p on the surface.
  • Create a way to blend maps, defining the image of p as the weighted geodesic centroid of mi(p)
  • Provide a definition for smooth blending weights at every point p that are proportional to the area preservation of mi at p.
  • Solve a global optimization problem that selects candidate maps based both on their area preservation and consistency with other selected maps.
  • Produce blended maps that align semantic features better than alternative approaches over a variety of data sets.

Required Skills/Experience:

  • A background in Math (preferably Computational Geometry) or a degree in CS required
  • C++ Programming in a Unix/Linux environment
  • Must be analytical and a problem solver
  • Ability to work well in team atmosphere

The page describing Blended Intrinsic Maps that may help to understand the responsibilities associated with this position: .

Qualified candidates can find more information and apply on the official page describing this Rhythm & Hues software intern position.

Acumen Group: Entry Level Software Programmer

Due to significant growth, Acumen Group is seeking an entry level software programmer. The software programmer will work closely with senior programmers and business analysis to design, develop and debug new and existing business process improvement projects.

Desired Skills and Experience: Successful candidates will have experience or a degree in Computer Science or Engineering. Extensive experience is not a necessity but candidates must possess the following attributes:

  • Be smart and use common sense
  • Absolutely love programming and love leaning new stuff
  • Have a problem solving personality (willingness to research and troubleshoot)
  • Be able to adjust to change quickly
  • Be able to deal with multiple projects at the same time
  • Have a little bit of business sense (why are we doing this or that?)
  • Have the ability to be customer facing and have valuable conversations
  • Able to pick up new languages and architectures quickly

Additionally it is a benefit to be familiar with several programming languages including C++, .NET, Perl and Progress including familiarity with database software and data warehousing. Working knowledge of Windows and UNIX (Linux/AIX) is a plus. Good written and verbal communication skills are required.

To apply, send resumes in PDF format via e-mail to Jeff Sawyer, Director of Operations, Acumen Group with subject Software Programmer Job Opportunity.

Reunify LLC: Multiple positions

Jobs available at Reunify LLC which is revolutionary consumer insight technology based on pattern matching and data mining utilizing natural language processing in a unique data environment. Our product performs Market Research at the Individual Consumer Level. We help brands achieve their strategic objectives by leveraging scoring algorithms to provide deep knowledge at the individual consumer and household level. Our scores can turn our client's website, email marketing program, call center, mobile app, or social presence into a powerful self-learning conversion machine.

Software Engineer - Data Mining

Design and develop advanced scalable data mining solutions for mining terabytes of data including classification, clustering and collaborative filtering. Optimize develop modules for specific hardware.

Preferred Experience & Skills

  • Strong programming skills in C/C++ and Java.
  • Strong working knowledge of data mining, machine learning and graph related algorithms such as generative models, clustering (e.g. LDA, SVM), classification (e.g. decision tree, Bayesian, HMM) and statistics.
  • Large-scale system design experience, with extensive knowledge of Unix/Linux.
  • Familiarity with database design with a working knowledge of MySQL.
  • Excellent understanding of computer science fundamentals, data structures, and algorithms.
  • Ability to create well-modularized, maintainable software and willing to follow group coding standards and design.
  • Familiarity with Agile Software Development.
  • Ability to work under aggressive deadlines

Desired Experience & Skills (any of the following would be a plus)

  • Working knowledge of text mining and NLP.
  • Working knowledge of Hadoop, MapReduce and NoSql technologies.
  • Experience in working with Lucene and Katta/Solr.
  • Python programming skills.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) experience.
  • R programming.
  • Knowledge of Ajax/JavaScript, JSON & web services API is a plus

Compensation: Competitive Compensation & Benefits

Employer Job ID: CSLB01DM

To receive additional information and to apply, please contact: Soodi Eshraghi at (310) 893-1736 Ext. 710 or via email:

Research Engineer- Record Linkage and NLP

Design and develop creative techniques for de-duplication and record linkage in structured and semi-structured databases. Implement unsupervised machine learning and clustering algorithms on large-scale data. The successful candidate will be a team player capable of developing scalable solutions that go into real products.

Required Experience and Skills:

  • Strong programming skills in Java
  • One or more scripting languages e.g. Groovy, Python
  • Large-scale system design experience, with extensive knowledge of Unix/Linux
  • Background in NoSql technologies such as Hadoop and Mapreduce
  • Familiarity with database design with a working knowledge of MySQL
  • Strong background in record linkage, entity resolution and alias detection
  • Excellent understanding of computer science fundamentals, data structures, and algorithms
  • Background in machine learning and data mining
  • Background in large-scale graph algorithms
  • Ability to create well-modularized, maintainable software and willing to follow group coding standards and design
  • Ability to work under aggressive deadlines

Desirable Experience and Skills ( any of the following would be a plus) :

  • Background in NLP and Information Extraction from unstructured data
  • Knowledge of statistics
  • Knowledge of C/C++ and Python
  • Knowledge of Ajax/JavaScript, JSON & web services API

Compensation: Competitive Compensation & Benefits

Employer Job ID: CSLB01RL

To receive additional information and to apply, please contact: Soodi Eshraghi at (310) 893-1736 Ext. 710 or via email:

Software Engineer - Text Mining

Design advanced text-mining solutions for terabytes worth of data. Design and develop information extraction solutions and transforming text from various structured and unstructured sources.

Preferred Experience and Skills

  • Strong programming skills in C/C++ and Java.
  • Working knowledge of text mining and NLP
  • Background in data mining, collaborative filtering and machine learning
  • Large-scale system design experience, with extensive knowledge of Unix/Linux.
  • Working knowledge of Hadoop, MapReduce and NoSql technologies
  • Knowledge of Ajax/JavaScript, JSON & web services API is a plus
  • Familiarity with database design with a working knowledge of MySQL.
  • Excellent understanding of computer science fundamentals, data structures, and algorithms.
  • Ability to create well-modularized, maintainable software and willing to follow group coding standards and design
  • Familiarity with Agile Software Development
  • Ability to work under aggressive deadlines

Desired Experience and Skills (any of the following would be a plus) :

  • Experience in working with Lucene and Katta/Solr
  • Python programming skills
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) experience

Compensation: Competitive Compensation & Benefits

Employer Job ID: CSLB01TM

To receive additional information and to apply, please contact: Soodi Eshraghi at (310) 893-1736 Ext. 710 or via email:

College Internship Program Long Beach: Tech Expert position

College Internship Program's full-year postsecondary programs provide young adults with Asperger's, High-Functioning Autism, ADHD, Nonverbal and other Learning Differences with the social, academic, career and life skills necessary for success.

The CIP Long Beach office has a Tech Expert position available. Interested applicants may contact Susan Osborne via email:

Summary of the position: Installs, configures, administers, and maintains the network. Designs and supports server systems and supporting software. Evaluates changes to current and future network requirements to meet needs.

Hours and pay rate: Part time flexible schedule is available. Hourly salary dependent upon education/work experience.

Porting website from iWeb

Renée Wright, a filmmaker, seeks a computer science student with knowledge in HTML/Adobe Dream Weaver and CSS to port a website the-rose-trilogy from Apple iWeb to a one that uses standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

This entire project, the-rose-trilogy, is an experiment to see how far a person with no or limited knowledge in filmmaking, editing, and social media can write, direct, edit, and now distribute a film. It's a new way of independent film and a new way to distribute the films and gain a strong audience even before screening the film to film festivals. It's a new frontier.

The the-rose-trilogy is built using Apple's iweb application. The images and text now need to be transferred to Adobe's Dream Weaver. The layout of the site will be duplicated for the Dream Weaver site. This person would need HTML knowledge to set up the new site.

Also, a social media site is being built on the Ning network. The site will use the same images from the-rose-trilogy website, but applied on the Ning platform. Basic CSS knowledge is required.

Interested students should contact Renée Wright directly via e-mail:

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