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California State University, Long Beach

Computer Engineering & Computer Science (CECS)

CECS Newsletter 2 for AY 2011/12

October 31 2011

by Dr. Alvaro Monge


  • CSULB HSI-STEM award: Cal State Long Beach Receives $4.4 Million HSI Grant to Promote Latino Student Success in Science, Math and Engineering Fields
  • Class Schedule Changes November 8 and 11, 2011: There are some changes in the class schedule in observance of Veterans Day. In particular, all Friday classes will meet Tuesday November 8, instead… which means that classes that would regularly meet on Tuesday November 8th are cancelled.

Industry News

  • More demand, fewer grads mean tech careers continue to boom: article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), employment in the computer sciences and math fields increased by 78% over the most recent tracking period, while employment increased by only 17% in non-science and tech fields. Going forward, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects information technology careers to remain in high demand in coming years.”
  • 7 Key Skills New IT Grads Are Lacking: article in via ComputerWorld, “IT leaders continue to value the “soft skills” – particularly communication skills, customer service skills and an understanding of how to behave professionally – that have topped their list for years. They're also now encountering several gaps in specific business and technical skills. ”

Advising Corner

Fall 2011 drop date

November 18, 2011 is the deadline to withdraw from class without the college dean's signature. To withdraw from classes by this deadline, students must complete the petition to withdraw from classes and obtain the approval of the instructor and of the department. Note also, that withdrawing at this point will result in a W which also counts against the limit on number of units a student may withdraw from. Students need to have the most accurate information regarding their standing in a class to make a decision, thus it is important that students have a frank discussion with their instructors and advisor if you are considering withdrawing from class. Students should also review CSULB's policy on repeating courses.

Spring 2012 Enrollment

All students should have received an e-mail message with their enrollment appointment for Spring 2012. If for some reason you have not, you should make sure your e-mail address is correct via MyCSULB. You can star using MyCSULB to choose your classes from the Spring 2012 schedule, add them to your registration, have the system verify your intended schedule and when your enrollment appointment comes up just register!

Some additional notes regarding Spring 2012 enrollment:

  • You may enroll only in classes whose prerequisites you've completed with a passing grade. The system will let you enroll in a Spring class whose prerequisite(s) you are completing this Fall semester; however, you must pass the prerequisite with a passing grade. If you do not pass the prerequisite(s) with a passing grade, you must drop the Spring 2012 class and attempt it once you've completed all prerequisite(s).
  • If you have any problems in your registration regarding prerequisites, please speak with your advisor.
  • If a class that you want to register in is full, you should consider other sections of the same course. If it's a class you must complete in order to graduate in a timely manner, please see your advisor as soon as possible to determine the best action to take.
  • Students who are on track to complete their degree in Spring 2012 have priority enrolling in senior-level classes. If you cannot enroll in a class needed to graduate in Spring 2012, please see your advisor to seek a place in the class or to determine alternatives.
  • In Spring 2012, you may now enroll in up to 18 units – traditionally this has been 16 units.

Mandatory advising for transfer students

College of Engineering undergraduate students who transferred to CSULB beginning this Fall 2011 have mandatory advising and must meet with their major advisor in order to release the hold on their Spring 2012 registration. All such transfer students should have received an e-mail message letting them know of this requirement. Please see your major advisor ASAP so that you can be advised on the requirements of the major and the classes to enroll in Spring 2012. Computer science students should see Dr. Monge while computer engineering students should see Dr. Chelian.

Website on summer research or graduate school

The Computing Community Consortium (CCC) has developed a website to help undergraduates who are interested in summer research and/or graduate school.

In a nutshell, here's what you will find on the website:

  • A section on what CS graduate school is all about (including FAQs with answers by current graduate students and faculty)
  • Information, advice, and insights on how to apply for CS graduate school (including another FAQ with answers by students and faculty)
  • The URO Zone (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Zone) with information on undergrad summer research positions nationwide

Internships and Jobs

HSI STEM grant: job openings

As part of the HSI STEM grant that has been awarded to CSULB, there are a number of job openings available. They are all posted on the CSULB Foundation job list website. One of the positions is for an information and media coordinator.

InnovoCommerce: .NET Developer

InnovoCommerce has a full-time opening for .NET developer located at our Irvine, CA office.

Essential duties and responsibilities

  • SharePoint / .NET Developer ideally with hands-on expertise building and supporting large scale internal and external SharePoint sites
  • Develop new software applications that utilize the .NET/SQL Server and SharePoint 2010
  • Work with the migration of current SharePoint 2007 sites and applications to SharePoint 2010
  • Develop of dashboards and reporting modules
  • Participate in development team meetings and group targets
  • Participate with business and systems analysts as they work with customers to discover and define solutions
  • Be accountable for project performance and the delivery of assignments on-time and within budget
  • Support existing production sites and development activities

Knowledge, skills, and abilities

  • A Bachelor's Degree is required; preferably in Computer Science, Management Information Systems, or related field
  • Ideally candidates must have a track record of exposure to SharePoint platform or have aptitude to learn quickly; experience with .NET framework software development with participation in full SDLC
  • Experience assessing and recommending application functionality, scalability, and security improvements to existing production SharePoint sites is required
  • The ability to accurately estimate work task effort, resources, and expense
  • Minimum 2 years of developing in .NET 2.0 or .NET 3.5 frameworks
  • Minimum 2 years of developing applications with MS SQL Server 2005 or newer version
  • Ideally experience with XML, HTML, DHTML, VB.NET, C#, and InfoPath forms

Education and minimum requirements

  • Four-year technical degree or equivalent experience is required.

You can apply to You can also read about other positions available in the InnovoCommerce Careers website

AccessComputing: paid internship

PAID INTERNSHIPS and MENTORING for students with disabilities pursuing computing! Grant funded with no cost to students!

With the new school year underway, it's a great time for students to think about their professional development and their career plans. AccessComputing would like to invite your students who are pursuing computer science or other computing-related majors with disabilities to join our AccessComputing team. AccessComputing, led by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington and DO-IT (Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology) and funded by the National Science Foundation, aims to increase the participation of people with disabilities in computing careers.

Student team members engage in online MENTORING and are eligible for help with PAID COMPUTING INTERNSHIPS. To join the team, students must complete and submit an application available online.

For more information or help with the application, students are encouraged to contact Brianna Blaser via e-mail

CEA-HOW: computer support needed by non-profit organization

CEA-HOW is a small non-profit located near CSULB. We are in need of computer technology services to troubleshoot our system. We have two computers and very little computer expertise. We are looking for a computer whiz student but one who also has business common sense. The hours would be on a sporadic as-needed basis. If interested, students should send e-mail message to

DOE Scholars Program: Summer 2012

The Department of Energy (DOE) Scholars Program is now accepting applications for Summer 2012. The deadline to apply is November 15, 2011!

Are you a student interested in participating in the most recent scientific research and development? Would you like to gain experience in discovering solutions to power and securing America's future, specifically in energy security, nuclear security, scientific discovery and innovation, environmental responsibility and management excellence?

The Department of Energy Scholars Program offers summer internships with stipends of up to $650 per week depending on academic status to undergraduates, graduate students and post graduates at accredited institutes of higher education. Majors accepted include: engineering; physical sciences; environmental sciences; computer science and information technology; physics; business; policy; program management; mathematics; statistics; safety and health; accounting and finance; law; communications; and other related discipline areas.

Requirements include U.S. Citizenship

Internships provide participants with the opportunity to conduct hands-on research while showcasing their education, talent and skills. Interns will also have a unique opportunity to explore the options for federal careers with DOE.

For more information or to apply, visit the Department of Energy (DOE) Scholars Program website.

Department of Commerce: Internships

The Department of Commerce has internships available, the deadline to apply is November 5th, 2011, see website for more details.

Here is some basic information about the internships:

  • Eligibility: U.S. citizenship, enrollment as a college student at any accredited college, and a minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Interns participate in on-site experiences with DOC bureaus and offices to integrate academic theory and workplace requirements, gain relevant skills and knowledge, explore Federal career options, develop professional networks, and gain a greater understanding of Federal agencies.
  • Interns receive a biweekly stipend, paid round-trip transportation between their schools/homes and their internship locations, and receive a housing allowance

Questions may be sent via e-mail to

NASA DEVELOP Internship Program 2012

Call for Spring and Summer 2012 Interns: All degree levels (Bachelors, Masters, PhD) and Fall 2011 graduates are welcome to apply.

DEVELOP is a NASA Science Mission Directorate Applied Sciences Training and Development Program. Students and young professionals work on Earth science research projects, mentored by science advisors from NASA and partner agencies to extend research results to local communities. The projects demonstrate to community leaders and organizations how NASA science measurements and predictions can be used to address local policy issues.

Past projects at DEVELOP JPL include ecological forecasting and studies of the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico, natural hazard assessments of Los Angeles earthquakes and fires, air quality monitoring, and coastal wetland and sea level monitoring using remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS). DEVELOP participants have had the opportunity in the past to present their research and network at such conferences as the International Astronautical Congress (IAC), The American Geophysical Union (AGU), The American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS), The American Meteorological Society (AMS), The Council of State Governments (CSG), at NASA Langley Research Center, and at NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC.

The NASA DEVELOP Program was selected to receive the prestigious NASA Group Achievement Award for 2011. DEVELOP participants are challenged to think “outside the box,” take initiative, employ innovative ideas, gain valuable management and leadership experience, and gain experience in delivering results to officials in government, academia, and industry, thereby extending the benefits of NASA science and technology to the public. Ultimately, DEVELOP participants are better prepared to handle environmental science challenges that face our society and future generations.

DEVELOP had the opportunity to attend the 62nd International Astronautical Congress in Cape Town, South Africa from September 28 - October 8 this year. Three DEVELOP participants were selected from a video competition to speak on a panel at the plenary, titled “Next Generation Visions for Earth Observations in the 21st Century.” They also presented and published their research in the 62nd International Astronautical Congress Proceedings.

DEVELOP participants also presented their research in a virtual poster session, hosted by Earthzine, of which our Jet Propulsion Laboratory location was the winner.

Interns work in student teams to complete rapid research projects in 10 weeks using NASA remote sensing data and other data sources.

DEVELOP has opportunities nationwide, and we are actively recruiting for Spring and Summer 2012 interns at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA.

Applications are available through our DEVELOP website.

  • Spring 2012 applications must be postmarked by November 14, 2011.
  • Summer 2012 applications must be postmarked by January 30, 2012.

Internships are paid. Rate varies by educational attainment level. Spring 2012 students are expected to work a maximum of 20 hours per week, and will begin on January 23, 2012 and end on March 30, 2012. Summer 2012 students are expected to work a minimum of 30 hours per week, and will begin on June 4, 2012 and end on August 10, 2012.

US Citizenship is required.

QuadControl: software developer

QuadControl makes video-game mouth controllers and related adaptive devices for quadriplegics. They have an opening for a software developer for a home control system that enables disabled persons to control their audio video equipment, lights and appliances, telephone, electric bed, and other devices in their house.

The software developer's role is to design, code, test, and analyze a menu scanning software program similar to a cell phone menu display. This includes researching, designing, documenting, and modifying software specifications throughout the production lifecycle. The software developer will also analyze and amend software errors in a timely and accurate fashion and provide status reports where required.

Position requirements: college student or graduate from a university with a degree in computer science or software engineering

Knowledge and experience:

  • working technical knowledge of web programming languages such as Python, Javascript, Ruby, and PHP
  • experience working with programming in C++ for an application that handles USB I/O operations
  • hands-on experience working with hardware that has an embedded processor
  • working knowledge of current internet website design and downloading files from internet websites

Personal attributes

  • strong written and oral communication skills, strong interpersonal skills
  • technically proficient
  • highly self-motivated and directed
  • keen attention to detail
  • creativity in the case of web or interface design

Work environment

  • flexible working hours to fit your schedule
  • work at your choice of company location or home
  • compensation options based on experience

Contact Ken Yankelevits by phone at 406-209-1785.

Startup company: Looking for PHP Programmer

We are a team of two people (a CSULB professor of science and a businessman) who founded an online ecommerce global trading company in an untouched market based in Los Angeles. Our development led to an original site, servicing BtoC / BtoB. Many business owners in the field show great excitement about the idea and we are thrilled to soon launch the site, which will soon lead to global exposure. We are now at the stage where we need to add another partner to our team. Most work has been done, except for the final graphics design integration and some tests. This project right now is in stealth mode; therefore we will not disclose any details about the company until further communication. We are looking for a PHP programmer locally who is up-to-date and familiar with commerce applications. One who can join our team and partner with us in managing the site and taking it to the next level for a stake in the company.

Skills Needed:

  • PHP and MySQL programming
  • e-commerce web development experience?
  • Experience with front-end technologies such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
  • Search engine optimization, marketing and promoting?
  • Perform quality work within deadlines without direct supervision?

Please contact Dr. Shahriar Abachi at 310-699-5435 or via e-mail if you are interested and would like more details.

Trailer Park: Multiple job openings

Whether it was a dynamic trailer that got consumers excited about seeing a film, or a hilarious promo that turned them into a sitcom fan, there's a good chance it came from Trailer Park. We've been doing this type of work for the biggest media and entertainment companies in the world for years. Last year alone, Trailer Park created award-winning content worth billions of dollars in revenue for our clients. That's billions, with a “B”. The secret of our success? Focusing on getting our clients names in the press, rather than our own.

We have immediate staffing requirements, all listed on the Trailer Parks job listings website. Here is information about two of these positions located in Hollywood:

  • Javascript Developer
    • In-depth understanding of JavaScript methodologies and applications.
    • Must be able to develop original code without frameworks.
    • Knowledge of popular frameworks jQuery, MooTools, etc, a definite plus.
    • Coding Object-Oriented JavaScript is a must.
    • Ability to code quickly in multiple web-oriented languages HTML5/XHTML, CSS, JavaScript/AJAX, etc.
    • Knowledge of Objective C a plus.
    • High level understanding of key components of WEB2.0 architecture AJAX, Social Networking, etc.
    • Strong understanding Optimization techniques for mobile device deployments.
  • Web Developer
    • We are seeking a talented Web Developer. Ideal candidates will have a can-do attitude, professional XHTML/CSS development experience, enjoy working with other developers, and will be able to get up to speed quickly. This full-time, contract position is part of a larger development team, so the ability to work concurrently and collaboratively with others is essential.
    • Required Skills:
      • Ability to work in a team environment, from making pixel perfect pages that meet the design requirements to integrating complex code with other members of the development team.
      • Strong XHTML skills; knowledge of how to use appropriate hooks in XHTML to limit the amount of classes and ID’s required on a page.
      • Deep understanding of CSS, including CSS3, Webkit-specific CSS, and SVG graphics
      • Experience with the OSX operating system and application, shell scripting, and related technologies
      • A good ideology for managing maintainable, scalable and cross-browser code across large projects.
      • Familiar with source control principles and comfortable with collaborative workflow systems.
    • Bonus Skills:
      • Experience working with JavaScript libraries and CSS animation.
      • Experience with Apple XCode

For more information and to apply, visit the Trailer Parks job listings website

Glentek: Software Engineer

For over 40 years Glentek has led the way in the design and manufacture of precision, high performance motion control solutions.

We are now seeking for the qualified candidate for the “Entry Level” position of Software Engineer as either part time or full time.

Interested candidates must have working knowledge of:

  • Object Oriented Programming (C++)
  • Microsoft Foundation Classes or/and .Net
  • GUI (Graphical User Interface) design and
  • multithreading programming

Additionally (Optional):

  • Ethernet communication (TCP/IP, UDP/IP)
  • Serial Communication (RS232, RS485)
  • USB Communication
  • Embedded System Programming

For more information and to apply contact Sam Cho via email.

Startup: app developer

I'm an iPhone app developer with about 600 apps for sale in the iTunes Store and roughly a dozen for sale on the Android marketplace. I've been working on a concept for a web-startup which just received funding from two Angel Investors. Right now we have openings for 1 Junior and 1 Senior PHP/Web Developer to work alongside myself and a few others. We're working with the OpenX open-source ad serving platform to create an ad network that takes a new approach toward online advertising.

The company is currently searching for two developer positions, both of which are described in the following Google Docs:

Submitted by Ronald Bell, CEO, TopLine, Inc.

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