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California State University, Long Beach

Computer Engineering & Computer Science (CECS)

CECS Newsletter 9 for AY 2009/10

May 10 2010

by Dr. Alvaro Monge

Around Campus

Commencement is here

Congratulations to all the graduates! The commencement for our College of Engineering is on Friday May 28th at 5pm. The commencement 2010 website has complete information. During the ceremony, a number of CECS students will be recognized for their academic success while at CSULB. Congratulations to the following students from our department who will be among those recognized for their outstanding academic achievements:

  • Rebecca Hicks - Outstanding Baccalaureate Graduate for the whole College of Engineering
  • Anastasiya Kholev Mukhin - Outstanding Baccalaureate Graduate in Computer Science
  • Justin M. Ancheta - Outstanding Baccalaureate Graduate in Computer Engineering
  • Carroll Chiou - Graduate Dean's List

Recipient of Dr. L. Sheila Foster CECS Award

The CECS department begins an annual recognition this year in name of Dr. L. Sheila Foster. Dr. Foster began her career at CSULB in 1967, first as a member of the Mathematics Department and then moved to the newly formed Computer Engineering and Computer Science Department in 1988. Sheila was a dedicated professor with a passion for teaching Computer Science. She especially loved teaching programming and was admired by students as a demanding but fair instructor. Dr. Foster was awarded the College of Engineering TRW Excellence in Teaching Award before her retirement in 2002.

In this first year, the Dr. L. Sheila Foster CECS Award recognizes Ms. Karen Faith Octaviano, a undergraduate student studying computer science. Ms. Octaviano joined CSULB as a first-year student and has earned a GPA above 3.9. She is being recognized for her outstanding academic achievements so far. Congratulations Karen!

Advising Corner

Advising ends for Spring 2010

On the week ending Friday May 14, the advisors conclude their advising duties for the semester. Advising will resume with the start of the Fall 2010 semester on the week of August 23.

During the summer, students with urgent matters regarding advising may contact the department office to determine the availability of the department chair. Only urgent matters that cannot wait until the start of the Fall 2010 semester will be addressed over the summer. Please contact the department office via phone at 562-985-4285 or contact Ms. Karyl Anthony via e-mail. Be sure to provide sufficient information regarding your inquiry, including your student id number, whether you are a graduate or undergraduate student, and your major.

Curriculum Changes

As many of you have observed, there are several curriculum changes being implemented this coming Fall 2010. You can view the new curriculum requirements in the 2010 CSULB catalog pages corresponding to our department. Some of the new curriculum is summarized below:

  • CECS 100 is now a requirement for both majors (computer engineering and computer science), this also satisfies the Critical Thinking GE A3 requirement
  • CECS 174 now includes CECS 100 as a prerequisite
  • MATH 123 is now the second required semester of calculus, replacing MATH 222
  • EE 380 is now required, rather than being a choice between it and MATH 380. This is due to the new requirement of MATH 123

Note that these are the requirements for students starting in the Fall 2010 semester or who declared their major as of that semester. The requirements are not for current students. That being said, the changes do affect some students as described below.

Effects of new curriculum on current students

Whenever there are curriculum changes, the department makes efforts to have little affect on current students. Unfortunately, this cannot always be accomplished. Here are some side affects that the curriculum changes have on current students who have CECS as a major:

  • The Mathematics department has not scheduled MATH 222, though this is still a requirement for students on catalogs prior to the 2010 catalog. As long as this remains the same and in order for students to graduate in a timely manner we do allow current students to satisfy the MATH 222 requirement by completing only MATH 123.
  • Students who complete MATH 123, as just stated, will not be eligible to take MATH 380 because it requires MATH 222 (or 224). Therefore such students will need to enroll in EE 380 – the requirement is to complete either MATH 380 or EE 380, so students are still eligible to complete one of these classes.
  • For students who have a non-passing grade in MATH 222, unfortunately, they will not be able to apply the “grade forgiveness” policy (i.e., the grade in the initial attempt is not factored into the GPA) since this only applies when the same course is repeated. If the course is not scheduled again, then students will not have an opportunity to apply such a policy.
  • Students must contact their respective advisor to assist them in understanding their actual requirements.

Fall 2010: some notes

CECS 174: sections to be added

As described above, there are some curriculum changes that we are implementing in the department which lead to a decision not to schedule any sections of CECS 174. We have determined that there is indeed a need for CECS 174 and thus the department has requested that at least one section of 174 be added to the Fall 2010 semester. We have requested these sections in order to accommodate students who are following the requirements of catalog years prior to the changes. It is imperative that such students enroll in CECS 174 this coming Fall 2010 semester; delaying enrollment in this class will cause additional problems later on and may delay your time to graduation.

Those students who need CECS 174 should periodically search the schedule of classes for these sections.

CECS 228: prerequisites

To enroll in CECS 228, you need to have completed the prerequisites of CECS 174 and MATH 113. Unfortunately the system checks specifically for these classes and it is not programmed to identify that a student who has completed MATH 122 (in addition to CECS 174) is actually eligible to enroll in CECS 228. So, if you believe that you satisfy the prerequisites of CECS 228 and want to enroll, please contact your advisor. You may want to send us an e-mail message or preferably, see us in our office. If you do use e-mail, please always include your student id and in this case, also include the specific section of CECS 228 that you want to add. Once your advisor verifies that you do satisfy the prerequisites, a permit will be requested that will let you register in the section you've identified. You will then still need to register in the class using MyCSULB as usual.

PHYS 152: prerequisites

Students having problems enrolling in PHYS 152 need to contact the Physics department. We can only address enrollment issues relating to CECS classes. In the case of PHYS 152, you'll note that the prerequisites are MATH 123 and PHYS 151. CECS students are required to take MATH 222 and if you did, then you are eligible to enroll in PHYS 152 but you need to contact the Physics department to request a permit to enroll.

Full classes: by permit only

Additional enrollment into CECS 424 and 491 (both are full) by any student will be by permit only. You need to send your requests to Dr. Monge. Undergraduate computer science students who must complete the class in order to graduate in Fall 2010 will be given highest priority. Students who need this class but who are not graduating in Fall 2010 should consider taking different classes as enrolling in either of those classes may not be possible this semester. If this class is not scheduled in Spring 2011, then substitution courses will be provided to students who still need to satisfy this requirement. Contact Dr. Monge if you have any questions.

Guest speaker from Electronic Arts

Richard Benson, a CSULB graduate now at Electronic Arts, will speak about his experiences as a game programmer on Monday May 10, 4-5pm in ECS 308. Everyone is welcome.

Guest speaker from Phonica Inc

Darnell Gadberry, on Tuesday May 11, 2-3pm in ECS 204. Everyone is welcome, especially those with interest in enterprise level app/web development.

Internships and Jobs

Summer position on NASA project here at CSULB

Dr. Marayong, an assistant professor in the department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, is looking for a Computer Science (or Computer Engineering) student this summer to work on a NASA project. The project will involve software development/integration of a force-feedback device software to a flight controller software developed by NASA. This is a paid position ($12 per hour). You must be a US citizen to work on the project. A student with some experience with mechatronics will also be useful.

For more information or to apply for this position, contact Dr. Marayong.

Build Engineer position at iConect Development

iConect Development, LLC is located in El Segundo and is currently searching for a Computer Science major to join their development team. Interested students should contact Howard Silver via e-mail.

Position title: Build Engineer

Description: Exciting Entry Level Opportunity to join a dynamic development team creating a new Legal Review product for the Microsoft stack utilizing C#, SilverLight, SOA, and SVN.

Your duties will include:

  • Design, develop, and maintain Build systems, Release automation, and Installation functionality
  • Work closely with developers in creating, maintaining and improving the source code (subversion), JIRA defect tracking system, wiki and software infrastructure.
  • Work closely with developers and QA to ensure that software release candidates make their way through the various testing environments.
  • Work closely with QA and QA Engineers, triggering and reporting automated testing
  • Implement, advocate, and enforce build and release standards and conventions.
  • Develop tools and utilities as required
  • Work with developers on delegated tasks as time permits


  • BS Degree in Computer Science
  • Experience in working with Microsoft stack, subversion, JIRA, MSI, etc. a plus.
  • Excellent collaboration and communication skills, both written and oral
  • Ability to work effectively both independently and as part of a distributed development team

Web Developer Internship

Integrated Rental Systems works internationally with Caterpillar dealers to provide rental operations software for the CAT rental stores that is fully integrated with the dealership enterprise system. Headquartered in Long Beach CA, Integrated Rental Systems is seeking motivated self starters with the necessary skill set for a paid summer internship with the possibility of long term employment.

Position title: .Net Web Developer Internship

Required skills:, HTML, Visual Studio, N-tier Architecture

Preferred skills: Javascript, CSS, Ajax, JQuery

Desired skills: Team Foundation Server, Subversion/Source Control, Globalization, Unit Testing, Bug Tracking Software Experience (Trac)

Please contact Milton Arcos for further information at: 562-732-4464.

Quality Assurance Tester at Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless has an entry level IT Quality Assurance Tester (Bilingual Spanish) position available in Irvine, CA.

The Entry level IT incumbent will be using their recently acquired technical acumen to test enhancements to our “my verizon” application. This is the application our customers use for self service. It is in both English and Spanish.


  • Bachelors degree (May/June/July 2010) in Computer Science / Information Systems, Computer Engineering or close equivalent major (with a GPA of at least 3.0)
  • Bilingual Spanish
  • Technical aptitude, including the ability to understand detailed technical information
  • PC literacy, including working knowledge of desktop applications (e.g., Microsoft Office, e-mail, etc.)
  • Working knowledge of information systems concepts
  • Good interpersonal skills, including the ability to follow directions
  • Good organizational and problem solving abilities
  • Good verbal and written communications skills

Why Verizon Wireless?:

  • We're a growing company (this means lots of room to grow your career)
  • We're a technology based company (we keep up with the latest technologies)
  • Tuition assistance from day one! (8k if you want to get your Masters degree or just continue your education)
  • We do not outsource our IT department, we have a large in-house staff (3,100 IT employees)

Interested students should send their resumes to Andy Wrubel via e-mail, he is a senior IT/Rapid Products Recruiter for Verizon Wireless.

Web Development Internship at Internet Brands

Los Angeles-based Internet Brands, Inc (NASDAQ:INET) is currently seeking Web Development/Computer Science Interns to join their development team. They are looking for innovative CS interns who love the Internet and social media. The intern will work directly with development teams on consumer facing websites.


  • Design and code new features and enhancements
  • Assist with all aspects of the product lifecycle, from specifications through QA
  • Collaborate on finding and fixing bugs


  • Completed or working towards a B.S. or M.S. in Computer Science or related field
  • Strong programming skills (Java, .Net, PHP)
  • Strong CSS skills and some web design skill preferred
  • Excellent problem solving skills, self-motivated
  • Strong familiarity with Web 2.0 and Social Networking websites

Internships may be either full-time or part-time (minimum of 24 hours per week). Candidates must be able to work at least 24 hours per week for about 6 months. Rock star interns will have the opportunity to transition into regular full-time web development roles. This is a paid internship that may be eligible for college credit.

If interested please visit the Internet Brands Career Opportunities page for a full description of the position and to apply.

About the company: Internet Brands is a unique and leading Internet media company. INET owns and operates more than 100+ websites that are leaders in their vertical markets. These sites include,,,,,,,,,, and many more. In total, these sites organically attract (without paid marketing) more than 55 million unique visitors per month. The vast majority of these sites also have very strong community participation.

INET is also unique in its ability to monetize Internet audiences. The company's proprietary platform optimizes yields from its more than 40,000 direct advertisers spanning seven vertical categories. The platform is also core to the company's acquisitions strategy, providing a cost-efficient and scalable approach to expanding the company's reach. Keywords: Web Development Intern, Programming Intern, Junior Developer, Junior Programmer, Junior Engineer, Computer Science, PHP, Java, Web Developer, Web Development

Summer Job at JPL

The JPL Physical Oceanography Distributed Active Archive Center (PO.DAAC) is the official archive for NASA satellite oceanographic data. PO.DAAC is developing a “tile catalog” or database of data products that have been partitioned into tiles of a predefined areal extent. Using the tile catalog, space/time queries can quickly locate and extract data covering a desired region and time. The primary tasks are to develop “tiling” software for new data products and to write code to access and visualize tiled data products.

NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) is located in Pasadena, CA and offers competitive salary and informal work environment.


  • Undergraduate or graduate student in Computer Science (or closely related area)
  • Knowledge of Python, Java, scientific programming language, and database systems
  • Coursework in physics, oceanography, or Earth system science
  • Ability to work full-time during summer and part-time during academic year
  • US Citizenship or green card
  • Proficiency with Unix
  • Prior work experience outside of school.

We offer excellent pay, a flexible work schedule, and an informal working environment. To apply, send resume via e-mail to Rob Raskin.

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