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California State University, Long Beach

Computer Engineering & Computer Science (CECS)

CECS Newsletter 7 for AY 2008/09

November 17 2008

by Dr. A. Monge

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Newsletter Contributions

If you'd like to contribute to this newsletter, feel free to send contributions to Dr. Monge. Contributions can range from notification of jobs, internships, fellowships, and scholarships to announcements of campus events, and questions you'd like answered which would be relevant (primarily) to CECS students.

I would especially be interested to know if you've landed a job, internship, scholarship that you learned about via the newsletter!

Advising Corner

Withdrawing from classes

Friday November 21 is the last day to drop without the college dean's signature. Please be sure to allow enough time to get all signatures (instructor and department chair). All students are encouraged to speak with their instructors regarding your grade to have a clear understanding of your grade before making a decision to drop. Students should also speak with their adviser regarding consequences that dropping a class may have in their path to graduation.

Finally, students are reminded of the following policy affecting drops after this date. The University contacted all students already about this policy. Here is important information about this policy:

  • According to CSU and CSULB policy, withdrawal during the final three weeks of instruction is permitted only in cases such as accident or serious injury where the circumstances are beyond the student's control and the assignment of an Incomplete is impractical.
  • In almost all cases, withdrawal in the last 3 weeks of classes will involve total withdrawal from all classes due to the serious nature of the illness or injury.
  • And in most cases, withdrawal during this period is accomplished using the Medical Withdrawal Form available from the Office of Enrollment Services. The student's physician must submit a statement confirming the serious illness or injury.

Spring 2009 schedule

Permits to register in classes

In order to register in CECS 449, everyone will need a permit. This is due to an oversight on the part of the department. To register in CECS 449, please send your request to your adviser and be sure to include your student ID. Only students who have completed (or will complete by end of Fall 2008) CECS 328 and MATH 247 will be given a permit. Once the permit is in place, it remains the responsibility of a student to use MyCSULB to register in the class.

If you have problems adding a class due to not satisfying class prerequisites, check the prerequisites being enforced by clicking on the hyperlink with the section number. If you are sure that you satisfy the prerequisites and should be allowed to register, then submit a request with your adviser to obtain a permit. Please be sure to identify the class (CECS 326), class number (4 or 5 digit numbers) and section number (two digit number) of the class you want to register in. Finally, always include your student id number with e-mail messages to advisers.

CECS 326

This class requires that you have completed CECS 277 (in C++) and 285. Currently the system will not check for CECS 277, but you will be required to have completed it. Faculty will enforce this on the first week of classes and students who have not completed CECS 277 will be asked to drop or be dropped from the class.

CECS 423

For those of you in need of satisfying the computer science capstone requirement, CECS 423 is a class offered in Spring semesters that is designated to satisfy this capstone requirement. The class lists CECS 323 and 343 as prerequisites. It will use Java as the programming language of instruction, so to do well, it is recommended that you have at least one semester of programming experience using Java. In this class, students will learn JEE technology: servlets, JSP, JSTL, JDBC, among others. Students will work in groups to complete a semester long project.

CECS 475

This class is on application programming in C# using .NET. The titled, unfortunately, still shows that it's a C++ class but it has not been that for a couple of semesters now. For additional information, please contact the instructor Donna Pompei.

Student feedback requested

If you have feedback about how the department schedules CECS classes, please submit it to your undergraduate adviser. One of the goals of the department is to have the schedule of classes for a given semester available at the beginning of the previous semester. Work will be started on the Fall 2009 schedule so that it can be ready about the first week of the Spring 2009 semester. We feel this will be a significant improvement that will help all students plan their schedules better. Computer engineering students should send feedback via e-mail to Dr. Chelian. Computer science students should send feedback via e-mail to Dr. Monge

Transition from C++ to Java in CECS 174/274/277

In Spring 2009, all CECS 174 and 274 classes will use Java as the language of instruction. Section 01/02 of CECS 277 will use C++ and section 03/04 of CECS 277 will use Java.

Also, Spring 2009 is the last semester in which the department plans to offer CECS 261. If you are required to take this class, please be sure to register in Spring 2009. Note, that if you started taking CECS 174 in Spring 2008 that you're following the Java sequence. This means your program lists CECS 261 as a required class, but in fact such students need to take CECS 282. If you have questions about which requirements to take, please contact your adviser ASAP.

Registration holds for new transfer students

The College of Engineering requires that all new transfer students (first semester as a transfer student is Fall 2008) have mandatory advising. To enforce this new policy, every new transfer student will have a registration hold for Spring 2009. In order to clear this registration hold, new transfer students must first come for advising in the major and for General Education. Major advising is done by Dr. Alvaro Monge for Computer Science and by Dr. Michael Chelian for Computer Engineering. Be sure to let your adviser know that you are a new transfer student so that the adviser can clear the registration hold after the advising session.


Internships advertised by the Career Development Center

The Career Development Center is advertising 5 engineering internships. Three of the internships are in computer science.

Pacific Life Engineering Intern: As a paid IT intern in the Investment Management Division, you will be responsible for assisting with application development, debugging, database maintenance, and assisting a Senior Applications Developer on research. Knowledge of SQL database, Oracle, SQL Server, VB.Net, and C#.

DreamWorks Animation Digital Operations Intern: The paid intern coordinates with vendors for repair of computer equipment. Assists in the installation of computer equipment, servers, storage systems, evaluation equipment, networking switches/routers, and other data center equipment.

City of Torrance, Audit Intern II: The paid intern must be able to run SQL queries and reports in MS Access and understand database design (data integrity, normalization, dependencies, and anomalies). You should be very familiar with this terminology. You must have taken at least one college-level database class.

Visit, Log onto BeachLINK to find these internship listings and more, or stop by the Internship Office in BH-250

Women for Hire Career Expo

Women For Hire is hosting a FREE Career Expo in Los Angeles, California on Thursday November 20 from 10am to 2 pm at the Radisson Hotel by LAX. This is a chance for job seekers to meet with top employers from various industries - for free! You will have opportunities to meet face to face with top employers across industries and be given free resume critiquing. Resumes are required for admittance and business attire is required.

For more information, visit the Women for Hire Career Expo website

ACM-W Scholarships

December 1 is the next deadline for ACM-W scholarships. See item in Newsletter #3 for more information.

Local Conference

The 24th Annual Computer Security Applications Conference is an upcoming computer security conference located near by (in Anaheim), to which students, faculty, and staff may wish to attend. (Student discounts are available on registration fees.) ACSAC 24

The conference will take place December 8 thru 12 in the Sheraton Park Hotel at the Anaheim Resort in Anaheim. Registration information can be found at the ACSAC conference website. Students are offered a discounted registration fee for both the technical program and tutorials. There is no deadline for the student discount; you can register at your convenience.


College day at Raytheon

Raytheon is looking for college sophomore, junior, senior, and post-graduate students to fill positions in various fields including computer engineering and computer science. Raytheon is holding a "College Day at Raytheon " on:

  • Date: Friday, November 21, 2008
  • Time: 7am - 4pm
  • Location: 2000 E. El Segundo Boulevard, Building E04 Event Center

On this day, you will be given information about rewarding careers at Raytheon, lab tours, and hear presentations. Interviews will also be held. Lunch will be provided.

You can also visit Raytheon Jobs and Employment Opportunities website to apply for jobs. Requisition numbers SAS109859 and SAS109860 are for Software Engineering positions. Web Designer

I posted a job opportunity with on the department's jobs web page. The company is looking for a web designer. I was alerted about this job opportunity by an alumnus of our computer science program who has worked there and is now in a management position.

Free Career Seminar on Special Effects

How did they do that? This is the question in the minds of movie audiences worldwide while watching a well-made action movie. With the latest technology there are no limits to bringing magic to the screen. Leaders in the field talk about the art and science of creating special effects. The seminar attendees will hear from top professionals on the art and science of creating special effects, and what you will need to break into this exciting industry.

Movie Magic: Inside Visual Effects
Monday, December 1, 2008
7:00 to 8:30pm
The Goethe Institut
5750 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 100

This is a free seminar. To attend, register at the Center for Communication website

Quote of the Week

"People think of security as a noun, something you go buy. In reality, it's an abstract concept like happiness. Openness is unbelievably helpful to security"

By James Gosling as it appears in ThinkExist. James Gosling is known as "the father of the Java programming language".

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