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California State University, Long Beach

Computer Engineering & Computer Science (CECS)

CECS Newsletter 6 for AY 2008/09

October 14 2008

by Dr. A. Monge

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Newsletter Contributions

If you'd like to contribute to this newsletter, feel free to send contributions to Dr. Monge. Contributions can range from notification of jobs, internships, fellowships, and scholarships to announcements of campus events, and questions you'd like answered which would be relevant (primarily) to CECS students.

I would especially be interested to know if you've landed a job, internship, scholarship that you learned about via the newsletter!

Register to vote by October 20

The last day to register to vote in the Nov. 4 presidential election is Oct. 20, so if you are not registered to vote, please sign up today. You can get forms to register to vote at any post office or DMV or from the CFA campus office or Associated Students group on most campuses. You may also request a voter registration form online at the California Secretary of State website.

Advising Corner

Spring 2009 schedule

You can now use MyCSULB to browse and search the full Spring 2009 schedule.

Student feedback requested: If you have feedback about how the department schedules CECS classes, please submit it to your undergraduate adviser. One of the goals of the department is to have the schedule of classes for a given semester available at the beginning of the previous semester. Work will be started on the Fall 2009 schedule so that it can be ready about the first week of the Spring 2009 semester. We feel this will be a significant improvement that will help all students plan their schedules better. Computer engineering students should send feedback via e-mail to Dr. Chelian. Computer science students should send feedback via e-mail to Dr. Monge

Request to Graduate Spring/Summer 2009

If you expect to complete all University requirements by Spring 2009 or Summer 2009, you must file a request to graduate. The deadline to do this is Wednesday October 15. After this date, a $10 missed deadline fee will be assessed by Enrollment Services. For more information visit the Bachelor's Degree web page from Enrollment Services where you can find the request to graduate form. To request to graduate, you must first see your adviser in order to obtain an official copy of your program planner. This must be submitted along with your request to graduate.

Registration holds for new transfer students

The College of Engineering requires that all new transfer students (first semester as a transfer student is Fall 2008) have mandatory advising. To enforce this new policy, every new transfer student will have a registration hold for Spring 2009. In order to clear this registration hold, new transfer students must first come for advising in the major and for General Education. Major advising is done by Dr. Alvaro Monge for Computer Science and by Dr. Michael Chelian for Computer Engineering. Be sure to let your adviser know that you are a new transfer student so that the adviser can clear the registration hold after the advising session.

Around Campus

7 Days of Service

7 Days of Service, October 19-25, 2008. 7 Days of Services is a great opportunity for faculty, staff, students and the larger community to showcase ongoing community engagement efforts and explore issues of importance here in Long Beach and throughout the world. The 7 Days of Service event runs from October 19 thru 25, there's a flyer of activities taking place (PDF).

Internship Week

The CSULB Career Development Center (BH-250) has scheduled an Internship Week for the last week in October (October 27-30, 2008). Workshops are scheduled for interested students:

  • Tuesday, October 28th, 5:00-6:00pm, Boeing
  • Wednesday, October 29th, 4:5:00pm, Federal Government
  • Thursday, October 30th, 5:30-6:30pm, Disney

Visit the Internship Week website for an event calendar and a detailed description of each workshop.

Disney, in particular, is recruiting for the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA. They have an Disney College Program website describing their internship program. Internships are open to all majors and all academic levels.

Engineering Internships available: Visit Career Development Center or log onto BeachLink to find internship listings or visit the Internship Office in BH-240.


T. Howard Internships

T. Howard Internships are PAID professional experiences. No minimum GPA required to apply. Students who become T. Howard interns are placed at major media companies that partner with T. Howard, including: AOL, Comcast, DIRECTV, Discovery, ESPN, FOX, HBO, Intesat, Lifetime, Multichannel News, NBC Universal, Rainbow Media, Showtime, Turner, XM Satellite Radio, YES Networks and many more.

You may submit application online

2009 Bernard L. Hyink Scholarship

The California Internship & Work Experience Association (CIWEA) invites applications for the 2009 Bernard L. Hyink Scholarship. A scholarship in the amount of $1500 will be awarded for first place to one student from a 4-year university and one from a 2-year community college in California. A $750 scholarship will be awarded for 2nd place in both categories as well.

Eligibility: Open to graduate and undergraduate students. Any major may apply. Completed Internship for CSULB credit during winter, spring, summer or fall 2008.

Students must write a double-spaced, word-processed, 12-point font essay of no more than 750 words addressing the following essay topic: "Exploring Borders: How My Internship/Work Experience has Influenced My Career Choice."

You must include 2 cover sheets: one with only your essay title, your name, university name, and the total number of words; two with your name, student ID number, phone number, addresses, email, major, internship term, employer name and employer phone number. Without the appropriate cover sheet information, your essay will be disqualified. Essays should reflect college level writing.

Submit essays by December 1, 2008 to:

Erin Booth, Internship Program Coordinator
Career Development Center, BH-250

Graduate school

The Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Computer Science at Georgetown University contacted the department about their Graduate Visitation Weekend. The director would like to invite graduating seniors majoring in computer science to apply for the Graduate Visitation Weekend. The event will take place from December 11-12th. Students will be given the opportunity to learn about our graduate programs at Georgetown University. For more information about the weekend and the MSCS Program, please see the event flyer and brochure about Georgetown's program available in the CECS department office. Students majoring in fields related to computer science are also encouraged to apply.


Branch Interactive

Build the next generation of web applications and interactive sites! Branch Interactive is the premier interactive and web development firm specializing in producing stunning interactive projects in partnership with Graphic Design, Advertising and Marketing agencies for their clients.

Sample projects we work on include: Widgets, Community Sites, Facebook apps, Complex Content Management Systems and anything else our partners throw at us!

Growing Costa Mesa based interactive firm seeks a full time Flash/PHP developer to join our team. Beyond a great working environment, this position provides significant opportunity for advancement and will be a great fit for a professional, career minded individual. You should have excellent samples and a desire to develop further skills and experience.

  • Details:
    • Company Name: Branch Interactive
    • Company City: Costa Mesa
    • Job Type: Full-time
  • Requirements:
    • Actionscript 2 and 3 and Flash 8 and 9
    • PHP 5 (OOP Proficiency is a requirement)
    • MySQL (experience and proficiency required)
    • AJAX, Javascript, XML (experience and understanding of "web 2.0") a plus
  • Compensation: 50k+, Health and Dental Benefits

If interested please send resume and code samples to

Westerly School of Long Beach

Westerly School of Long Beach is looking for a part-time technology trouble-shooter to keep its computers running smoothly. The school is looking for a technology-minded person to work roughly 10 hours a week maintaining classroom and office computers ensuring they are operating at full capacity. The position pays $20 per hour and hours are flexible. A great opportunity to make extra cash while working around your study schedule.

The school is located at: 2950 E. 29th St., Long Beach (near Redondo Ave and the 405 Fwy), immediately south of the Long Beach Airport.

For more information, please contact Tim Johnson, Head of School at 562 981-3151 or e-mail at

Quote of the Week

Here's to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square hole, the ones who see things differently. They're not fond of rules, and they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, 'bout the only thing you can't do is ignore them. Because they change things, they push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.

The text from Apple Computer's Think Different advertising campaign from the late 1990's. As found in WikiPedia entry for Think Different.

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