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California State University, Long Beach

Computer Engineering & Computer Science (CECS)

CECS Newsletter 18 for AY 2007/08

March 16 2008

by Dr. A. Monge


2008 Swiss Summer Program

An information session for the 2008 Swiss Summer Program will be held on Tuesday March 18th at 4pm in VEC 418. Remember this is a great opportunity to participate in this program, travel to Switzerland, and it is entirely FREE! Almost all travel and accommodation costs is covered. Come to the information session to find out more, ask questions and hear from participants of last summer's program.

2008 Spring Job Fair

The Career Development Center at CSULB will host the 2008 Spring Job Fair on Thursday, March 20 from 12 to 4 pm at the ballroom of the University Student Union. Visit the Career Development Center's website for more information about the job fair including the companies who will participate.

Industry News

  • Google Summer of Code: The Google Summer of Code (GSoC) will begin accepting applications on March 24, 2008. GSoC is a program that offers student developers stipends to write code for various open source projects. Google will be working with a several open source, free software, and technology-related groups to identify and fund several projects over a three month period. It is recommended that you apply as soon as applications are being accepted!
  • EDA Technology Forum: This is a FREE one day conference on Electronic Design Automation. On Thursday March 20th, the keynote presentation will by James McLurkin, a leader in Robotics. His keynote is titled "Dances with Robots: The Story of One Engineer, 112 Little Robots, and the Toys, Insects, and Star War Movies that Made it all Possible".

Student Organizations


Student Organizations wishing to announce their meetings in this newsletter can send the information to Dr. Monge

ACM Student Chapter

The goal of the ACM Student Chapter is to advance the science and application of information technology by providing students with real world information through guest speakers, workshops, seminars, projects, and other activities. Information about job trends, internships, and scholarships is always updated to help students take a stand in their future career.

The ACM Student Chapter currently has several on-going projects such as OLPC, game development, programming team and competition, and Imagine Cup. Regular meetings are on Mondays at 12:00PM. The location for meetings is at VEC-113. Visit ACM CSULB Student Chapter website for more information.


EAT is a club for computer enthusiasts in every area, with a special emphasis on embedded systems design. Our members are involved in various design competitions and work in teams to be successful. We offer candy and drinks when you need them most, and through our networking connections with industry professionals, the possibilities for job placement through involvement with EAT are endless! Come to have fun and learn at the same time! Our general body meetings are held each Tuesday at 4pm in ECS-304, and we generally meet on Thursdays at the same time and location for student-led workshops or presentations from industry professionals. Please visit our website Embedded Applications Technology, contact the secretary, or stop by our office in ECS-303 for more information.


Do you like to bring about change? Do you enjoy planning events? Are you outgoing and sociable? If the answer to all of those questions is yes, then you might be a perfect fit to run for the Associated Engineering Student Body (AESB). What is that you say?

The AESB is the governing body of the students in the College of Engineering. They voice the concerns of the students regarding the COE administration, faculty, other student organizations, and the Associated Students, Inc. The following positions are open: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Webmaster.

If you are interested in running for a position in the AESB, please contact Frederick Camba Also, visit the AESB Website for more information about officer eligibility/responsibilities. Elections will be held Wednesday, April 16th and Wednesday, April 23rd (if necessary).

FACT: In the past two years, all executive officers in AESB and at least one AS Senator are all CECS students and members of Embedded Applications Technology.

Internship/Scholarship/Fellowship Information

Internship with The Aerospace Corporation

The Computer Applications and Assurance Subdivision (CAAS) at The Aerospace Corporation is in the process of identifying and interviewing candidates for the 2008 CAAS Summer Intern Program. CAAS has provided work experience and mentoring for up to 15 undergraduate and graduate interns each summer for the past five years. Some of our interns' schools include: USC, UCLA, Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, Berkeley, MIT and DePauw (Indiana).

Qualified candidates (see preferred qualifications below) interested in working in CAAS should e-mail Sonia R. (Marshall) Henry,, a copy of their resume and an unofficial copy of their transcript for the most recent session completed. Selected candidates will receive an e-mail with specific instructions for submitting their resume online, setting up an interview and completing the application process. This will assist CAAS in tracking the application process for selected students.

Visit The Aerospace Corporation website for more information about the company and the website for the The Aerospace Corporation Summer Intern Program for more inforamation about the internship program. A resume can also be posted on The Aerospace Corporation Career web page. For more information regarding the subdivision summer program, please feel free to contact Sonia R. (Marshall) Henry.

CAAS Summer Internship Qualifications

  • U.S. Citizen
  • Minimum 3.2 GPA
  • Completion of undergraduate sophomore or junior year by the internship start date
  • Majors: Electrical Engineering, Computer Science/Computer Engineering, Mathematics
  • Programming/tool experience preferred (i.e., C++, Java, Matlab, etc.)

This internship opportunity was sent to the department by Sonia R. (Marshall) Henry, who is an alumnus of CSULB. Below is her contact information.

Sonia R. (Marshall) Henry, Engineering Specialist
The Aerospace Corporation
2350 E. El Segundo Blvd.
El Segundo, CA 90245
Office: (310) 336-1553
Fax: (310) 336-7612

Internship with The Washington Center

The Washington Center would like to announce a special summer internship program that could provide students from California State University Long Beach with substantial financial assistance by means of federally-funded placements with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Selected undergraduate or graduate students have the opportunity to intern during Summer 2008 with the FAA. Students with Computer Science and related majors are particularly encouraged to apply for this internship opportunity. Applicants must be U.S.citizens and be able to receive a favorable background investigation. Students who are accepted into the FAA program will receive funding covering the cost of Washington Center program and housing fees, plus earn a weekly stipend of $250. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, so students are encouraged to apply as soon as they are able. Applications will be accepted throughout March. Students from California State University-Long Beach must receive approval from their campus liaison to participate in our program. If students are unsure of their campus liaison, they can contact To apply for the FAA internship program, students must submit an online application with The Washington Center. When applying, students should choose Option 2 for the Government Scholarship Program: Department of Transportation.

Internship with Professional Business Services

Professional Business Services International is a company located in Long Beach that ”[helps] major corporations, small businesses and government organizations upgrade networks, develop database application, roll out new hardware or software, train employees and staff projects. PBS provides all the planning, project management, implementation, training…[for these projects]”. The company has been serving Long Beach area clients for 14 years and is a Certified Microsoft Partner that focuses on infrastructure support. PBS International provides remote managed services and in most cases is the primary source of IT support for their customers. Customers turn to the company for help on everything related to computers, networks, security and, in the case of this internship, web site support.

Currently, the company's web development/support business is growing and they are looking for a student intern to work on web design. Such a student would work closely with another intern whose responsibility is the web development. The projects are not complex, rather the company helps small to mid sized organizations use their website to support their business operations

This is a good opportunity for a talented and conscientious student to get first hand business experience in a real life client environment. The students would work directly with other technical staff and with the customers. The student selected needs to have not only technical skills, but MUST have a positive, service oriented mentality with good communications skills and a commitment to meeting customer needs.

Interested students should contact Terry Geiling, President of PBS International, by phone: (562)989-5526 or via e-mail to:

Quote of the Week

Hundreds of Google engineers (most are Computer Scientists) were asked what they wish they could get from a CS Education. Among the answers are:

  • Understanding Statistics (see Google Trends). For example, knowing the concepts of confidence intervals, error bars, etc.
  • Learn to work on large projects and legacy code. Some quotes: "80% of all developers are working on someone else's code. Writing new code is a rare luxury", and also "During my career I've had to read and enhance probably 10 times the amount of new code I wrote."
  • Scalability – Understanding and thinking about creating programs that are robust and that scale!
  • Working in teams!

Heard at the ACM SIGCSE 2008 Symposium during the keynote speech by Marissa Mayer, Vice President of Search Products & User Experience at Google. She is the first female hired by Google and 19th overall.

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