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California State University, Long Beach

Computer Engineering & Computer Science (CECS)

CECS Newsletter 1 for AY 2008/09

August 22 2008

by Dr. A. Monge

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Welcome back! We're near the start of a new academic year. I hope your summer was productive. This newsletter is brief, primarily to announce advising hours and some exciting job opportunities.

Advising Corner

Advising hours

Advising of majors resumes the week of August 25th. The undergraduate and graduate advisors have determined the days and times when they will be available to advise students during this week. If you send e-mail to the advisors, you are asked to include your student ID in your message and to use an appropriate and descriptive subject line. The advising hours for the rest of the semester will be posted in another newsletter, check with the department office for more information.

  • Undergraduate Computer Engineering Majors are advised by Dr. Michael Chelian in ECS-544. He is available on a walk-in basis:
    • Week of August 25:
      • Monday: 4 to 6pm
      • Wednesday: 4 to 6pm
    • Fall semester schedule: To be announced
  • Undergraduate Computer Science Majors are advised by Dr. Alvaro Monge in ECS-547. He is available on a walk-in basis:
    • Week of August 25:
      • Monday and Tuesday 1 to 4pm.
    • Fall semester schedule: To be announced
  • All Graduate Students are advised by Dr. Burkhard Englert in ECS-531. He is available by appointments only. You need to schedule appointments in the department office at ECS 552 or by calling 562-985-4285. Appointments are available during these times:
    • Week of August 25:
      • Call department office for available appointments.
    • Fall semester schedule: To be announced
Permission to Enroll

If you are having trouble enrolling in a course due to not satisfying the prerequisites it may be for a number of reasons. Contact your advisor to get assistance determining the problem. It may be that you really do not satisfy the prerequisites, or that if you took the prerequisite course somewhere other than CSULB that your degree progress has not been updated with said course, or that the prerequisites being used for the course have been updated and are different from the ones you assume. In any case, as long as and advisor can determine that you do meet the prerequisites, a permit can be submitted for you to enroll. Again, contact your advisor.

Overlapping Courses

Advisors can not grant a student permission to take classes that have a time conflict. If you need to take two courses that overlap, you will need to get permission from the instructors and then WAIT until the third week of class when CSULB switches from the automated to paper add/drop process.

Fall 2008 Classes

Be sure to always check the online schedule of classes as it is the most up to date. You can search this schedule using MyCSULB or you may also view a schedule created nightly. You can also check this daily snapshot of the schedule by other departments.


Aerospace Corporation

At The Aerospace Corporation we've got space for your imagination, exciting work on national-security missions, a longstanding relationship with the government, and a reputation unmatched in the industry. In order to remain the leader in space technology development and implementation, we need the brightest minds and most experienced professionals in the industry. Our people are our most valuable asset.

We are currently looking for new graduates who can begin an exciting career working with a company that has been an integral part of U.S. space history. You'll grow in a stimulating environment, working with and learning from a diverse group of extremely talented men and women, and contributing to the development of national-security space programs. Visit view current openings website to read about exciting opportunities.

Intern positions are available at our headquarters in El Segundo, California and our office in Chantilly, Virginia. We are seeking college students at the sophomore level and above majoring in science, engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, information systems, and mathematics. Job assignments are designed to give students the opportunity to work in scientific, technical, or administrative areas of the company.

We offer competitive compensation, attractive working conditions, and a professional environment. As an Aerospace Corporation employee, you'll enjoy an excellent benefits package. We seek diversity as a means of enhancing our business as we are an equal opportunity employer.

Kaiser Permanente

The IT group in the Pharmacy department of Kaiser Permanente is looking for an individual who understands data-mining and SQL programming for an entry-level position. The ideal candidate would be proficient in database programming/querying, an outstanding problem-solver, interested in business operations, a good team player, and hard worker.

The position is for a full-time employee in Downey, CA, with full Kaiser benefits. It is a wonderful opportunity for the right person.

You may apply on-line at Kaiser Permanente Jobs website using job ID WC.0801785.

Branch Interactive

Build the next generation of web applications and interactive sites! Branch Interactive is the premier interactive and web development firm specializing in producing stunning interactive projects in partnership with Graphic Design, Advertising and Marketing agencies for their clients. We are looking for a new member to join our team and take part in developing new and exciting web projects. Ideal applicants will have an upbeat attitude, experience in and a passion for web development and the latest web technologies. This position offers excellent opportunities for advancement and professional growth.

Sample projects we work on include: Widgets, Community Sites, Facebook apps, Complex Content Management Systems and anything else our partners throw at us!

  • Details:
    • Company Name: Branch Interactive
    • Company City: Costa Mesa
    • Education Requirement: Degree in Computer Science or related field or equivalent work experience
    • Job Type: Full-time
  • Desired Skills:
    • MSSQL
    • HTML/CSS
    • Some experience with other web programming languages or frameworks (PHP, Ruby, etc.)
  • Additional Skills a plus:
    • Javascript/AJAX
    • MSSQL
    • MySql/MSSql Database Experience
    • Flash Actionscript
    • Content Management or eCommerce Systems
    • Development frameworks

Branch Interactive offers competitive salary plus benefits.

To apply, send resume to

Symantec Co.

The QA department at Symantec has an entry level position available. Visit their site for a |full description of the position and also to apply. Here are some brief highlights:

  • Requirements
    • Works and communicates well with the other members of the team.
    • Ability to take direction from more senior members of the team and is able to perform the tasks according to specification.
    • Ability to appropriately use e-mail, IM, Seibel, Perforce, code comments, diagrams and other vehicles to facilitate productive communication.
    • Begins to use programming skills to solve QA problems and create simple automation.
    • Assists with the development, testing, and implementation of software quality plans and the evaluation of quality plans at the feature or function point level.
    • Bachelor's Degree or equivalent experience 0-2+ years of relevant experience.
  • Qualifications
    • 0-2+ years of relevant experience.
    • Mandatory experience with C++. Basic knowledge of either an automation language (e.g. Perl, Python, etc). Knowledge of MSXML and MySQL is Plus.
    • Some work or college experience that demonstrates competencies as defined above to be successful in this entry level position.

Symantec Corporation is an Equal Opportunity Employer and welcomes diversity.

Advista Technologies

Advista Technologies is a software consulting company providing embedded system software service. It focuses on high technologies such as WiFi, WiMAX and Satellite. Its customers include multi-million and multi-billion public companies. Advista has one software engineer opportunity available immediately. The requirements are:

  • Must be U.S. Citizen (with the proof of birth certificate or passport copy)
  • Familiar with C programming on Linux
  • Familiar with TCP/IP socket programming
  • Familiar with GNU C tools such as GCC and is comfortable working with a standard Linux command-line development environment

Compensation: very competitive compensation based on education and experience

Read the full Craigslist ad for more information.

Quote of the Week

"There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth…not going all the way, and not starting"

by Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta, the founder of Buddhism, 563-483 B.C. As it appears in

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