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California State University, Long Beach

Computer Engineering & Computer Science (CECS)

Posting Date:

November 8th, 2007

Position Title:

Database Architect / Tech Lead

Company Information/Contact Information:

  • $1,000,000 in seed financing with access to plenty more, led by internet veteran who has started and sold companies (please see below for details)
  • In stealth mode with very interesting, highly scalable idea that doesn't yet exist
  • Has been in the planning stages for years and concept has been scripted out in detail.
  • Concept involves social networking but is NOT a "Myspace for" or video sharing startup #347. It will appeal to enthusiasts and passionate followers of any subject (if you are one of those people, we're pretty sure you'll "get" it after we tell you about it, but you'll of course have to sign an NDA).

Contact person: Eleanor Blattel
Interested applicants can email

Job Description/Responsibilities:

  • High end Database Architect/Potential CTO to join Founding Executive Team
  • Start the process of bringing this idea to life and build a tech team
  • This will be the first technical hire with more key people to follow very quickly.
  • Rare opportunity to build a cool, intuitive, user friendly application that has a good chance to become an "internet household name"
  • Far from a typical "corporate environment"


Our ideal applicant

  • Very smart and creative problem solver
  • Knowledge of new/cutting edge technologies
  • Math/stats/algorithm wiz
  • Has a great deal of experience with any of the following, whether professionally or through personal projects:
    • Creating high impact database-intensive sites and/or social networks and/or widgets
    • Working with APIs
    • Working with MySQL, Java, PHP, AJAX, scaled servers, etc. (obviously the more years the better)
  • Managing people and offshoring
  • Tell us/show us what you've done - creating something impressive on your own from the ground up may be just as impressive to us as involvement in scaling high trafficked sites as part of a bigger team.
  • Up for the extreme challenge of programming a concept that is frankly not a smallscale idea and confident enough to be designing something that will involve heavy parallel processing and needs to be able to scale, scale, and scale
  • Knows what he/she doesn't know and can find the resources that he/she lacks and needs to get the job done.
  • Excited about getting a solid chunk of early stage equity and is not just looking to jump to a slightly better job
  • Has passionate interests and hobbies (our idea focuses on them) and fits our vibe
  • "Gets" the potential of our idea (we know, we still have to tell you about it) and is motivated by the desire to created something truly unique and worthwhile that will touch the lives of millions of people


About the Founder, Clark Benson

  • Longtime internet vet /successful entrepreneur who sold one of his companies to Hearst Digital Media at the end of last year and is now ready to "go big" and pursue this idea full throttle. Read the ecrush story here:
    eCrush Case Study: Why timing the M&A market is tricky
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