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California State University, Long Beach

Computer Engineering & Computer Science (CECS)

CECS Newsletter #4 for Fall 2007

  • Sept 14, 2007
  • by Dr. C van Lent

Newsletter Index

  1. Upcoming Deadlines
  2. CECS accounts
  3. Senate Opportunity
  4. Student Organizational Meetings
  5. Employment Opportunities
  6. Hopefully Helpful Information (HHI)


  • Monday, September 17 is the last day for students to add classes using MyCSULB. After this date, students may only add classes by the published deadlines using the 'Late Registration Request' form with instructor and department approval. September 17 is also the last day for students to drop a class without receiving a 'W' grade. After this date, students may only drop classes by the published deadlines and with appropriate approval.
  • Monday, September 24 is the last day for students to submit an approved 'Late Registration Request' form to add a class or request credit/no credit or audit grade option. Approved forms will be considered September 25 October 1 with the payment of a Missed Deadline fee.
  • Monday, October 1 is the last opportunity for students to add classes or request grading options on an approved 'Late Registration Request' form to the Enrollment Services windows by 7:00 PM. A Missed Deadline fee will also be assessed.
  • Ongoing: All incoming (Fall 2007 admitted) freshman must go to Dan Gould for 2nd semester mandatory advising.
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CECS accounts

Some people may not be aware of a major policy change regarding receiving mail to the cecs accounts. Namely, the cecs server no longer accepts emails from outside the department. I have attached an email from earlier in the year explaining the changes.

  • After January 18, 2007 all email sent to [account name] from offcampus will be blocked from reaching the CECS email server. The CECS email server will ONLY receive email from on-campus email addresses [accountname] . CECS account users may continue to use [accountname] to send email world-wide. This email policy change will apply to ALL users of CECS email.
  • CECS account users who want to continue to use their CECS account email address for sending and receiving email are advised to use their CSULB email address as a "reply-to" address in conjunction with a forward from your CSULB account to your CECS email address (for receiving email). All other CECS account users are advised to use a .forward file in their CECS account to forward received CECS email to another email address of their choice. (NOTE, this will not forward outside email.)
  • CECS account users should discontinue use of their CECS email address [account name] as a contact email address such as on the CECS Department personal info web pages, on CoE and CECS Department email lists, and in their campus phone directory info.
  • The purpose of this email policy change is to minimize CECS spam while continuing use of the CECS email server, primarily for communication between CECS Tech Support and CECS account users and possibly some CECS curriculum purposes.
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Senate Opportunity

  • The College of Engineering has a vacant seat in the Student Body Senate. The Associated Engineering Student Body(AESB) is looking to fill the position ASAP. Being on the Senate is one of the most prestigious positions in student government. The senate is also the Board of Directors of ASI, a corporation with a $9 million dollar annual budget, and over $37 million in assets. This is also a paid position. Each member of Senate receives a check equal to 1/4 of his/her tuition each semester. This position requires attending a 2 hour senate meeting every Wednesday at 3:30 and a 1 hour meeting every Friday at 1:00. In addition to these meetings, every senator is asked to maintain 3 office hours each week. If you are interested in the position, please send me your resume.
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Student Organizational Meetings

  • SWE: The Society of Women Engineers will be holding their first meeting of the semester on Tuesday, September 18th at 4:30pm in SWE Office, ENG-3, Room 112. SWE is open to all students regardless of major and/or gender. New members can receive discounted membership dues.
  • ACM: The Association for Computer Machinery is holding their first meeting this coming Monday, 9/17, 12-1 in ECS-302? The meeting will familiarize students with ACM and what it has to offer as well as introduce the officers. There will be a question and answer period.
  • EAT: Embedded Applications Technology holds meetings every Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm in ECS-304. All are welcome.
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Employment Opportunities (4 positions)

Position 1

Part-Time Webmaster Needed at ICP DAS USA (Industrial Control Products & Data Acquisition Systems) to work in office about 20 hours a week. We are not looking for outsourcing/hosting/web maintenance services.

  • Job Description: Manage our e-commerce website via front end and back end and make new e-commerce website. Edit through the website management system and also through the manual .php pages themselves. Existing web site is and new website will carry a new line of products. Candidates must understand CSS for efficiency and to maintain consistancy in the look and feel of our pages. Strong written and verbal communication skills are necessary for writing and editing cut sheets and manuals. Knowledge of Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, Flash, Javascript, Actionscript and databases is desired but not necessary. Electrical, Networking Interoperability and Programming Knowledge is a plus.
  • Proficiency: Dreamweaver, Photoshop, HTML (be able to hand code, not just WYSIWYG), CSS, SSI, Web Management, Front & Back End, PHP, SQL, Dynamic & Static Pages, SEO, SEM, Natural Optimization, FTP, Microsoft Office, Making .PDFs, Backing up Websites, Submitting sites to search engines, Web Standards and Cross-Browser compatibility, Shopping Cart functionality, and ECommerce.
  • Skills: Ability to Learn and Multitask, Excellent Verbal and Written Communication Skills, Problem Solving Skills, be organized, be detail oriented, have the ability to work independently and as part of a team,be Creative, and have a good eye for design.

If you're interested, please send links to your portfolio and/or links to pages you've created, along with your resume to the reply to We are looking for someone who can work in the office part-time, about 20 hours a week. We are very flexible with scheduling.

Position 2

Wanted: Someone to teach me how to use Excel. Must be proficient in using the program and patient with a slightly computer illiterate student (me). Willing to pay. I am available start Sept 17-27. I can schedule around your classes. Call Vanessa at (562) 230-5432 cell, I live close by in Seal Beach.

Position 3

Due to the growth of our company, we are expanding the Software department to add an additional full-time, salaried Developer/Engineer. The job description is attached and the position will require the candidate have applicable experience. This is not an intern position.

Software Engineer job description

Resumes should be sent to my attention and the salary will be dependent upon experience.

  • Sarah Thomason
  • Diversified Technical Systems, Inc.
  • 909 Electric Avenue, Suite 206
  • Seal Beach, CA 90740
  • Telephone: (562) 493-0158 ext. 103
  • Mobile: (562) 889-1462
  • Fax: (562) 493-3158
  • E-mail Address:

Position 4

  • Position Title: Student Web Developer
  • Classification Level: III
  • Immediate Supervisor: Keira Dooley, 562/985-8232,
  • Job Description: Under general direction of the Division of Student Services Webmaster/Art Director, the applicant will perform the following tasks:
    • Apply web templates to new and existing webpages
    • Perform XHTML validation checks on webpages
    • Perform minor updates and web site maintenance by adding tables, images and forms for department web sites.
  • Days/Hours: M-F, 15-20 hrs. average / per week. Actual work schedule is flexible.
  • Qualifications: CSULB student enrolled for 6 units or more; excellent interpersonal and communication skills. The applicant must be proficient in creating webpages using XHTML and Dreamweaver templates. Demonstrated skills using PHP, ColdFusion, mySQL are preferable. Basic knowledge of graphic design and desktop publishing are also relevant. The student web designer must be able to interpret and synthesize a broad range of information into a cohesive and attractive web design. Production-level experience using the following software programs: Adobe CS2 Suite and above: Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Acrobat. Basic knowledge of Microsoft Visio, Access, Excel and Word is desirable. Experience with Macromedia Flash, Adobe Contribute and Illustrator preferred, but not required.
  • Rate of Pay: $12.50 to $14.50
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HHI Hopefully Helpful Information

  • Many students and faculty are not aware of some of the great deals we can all get on software. Here is link to a flyer from the bookstore on some of the pricing. It doesn't show faculty pricing for Microsoft products. I think EAT offers some good pricing also but I am not sure about the details.
  • The CECS Labs will be open on Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. starting September 17th for the fall semester.
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