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California State University, Long Beach

Computer Engineering & Computer Science (CECS)

CECS Newsletter #9 for Fall 2007


Drop Deadline

The official final day to drop a class is Wednesday, November 21st. However, if you are going to drop a class, please do so by Tuesday, Nov. 20th, 2007. The 21st is “Fall Break” day so there is little chance you will track down any faculty to sign your form.

Student Success

Studies have shown that students who receive mentoring and/or counseling have a higher graduation rate than those who do not. If you have not found a mentor or support group yet, don't forget that CSULB also provides counseling services. Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) helps students meet the personal challenges associated with identifying and accomplishing academic, career, and life goals. Our services include short-term counseling for individuals and couples, group counseling, career development counseling, referral services, psychoeducational workshops, and crisis intervention. Counseling is provided by mental health professionals and by advanced doctoral psychology interns under the supervision of licensed psychologists. CAPS welcomes students of all backgrounds, value systems, and lifestyles. Find out more on their website: Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Registration is Around the Corner

Isn't it frustrating when courses are changed at the last moment? One of the main reason for schedule changes is low enrollment. Help us avoid these problems by registering for classes as soon as possible. The most up-to-date information on the courses being offered in the spring can be found on-line through MyCSULB.

Changes in Course Offerings and Course Substitutions

  • Just a reminder that students who need CECS 325 should now take CECS 285. CECS 325 will no longer be offered.
  • Students who need to take CECS 443 should now take 343.
  • In addition, Computer Science students who are required to take CECS 440 may take CECS 341 instead.
  • Any student who is required to take CECS 340 and/or EE 386 should take upper division electives in place of those classes. CECS 340 and EE386 are no longer offered by the department. Once you decide on an elective, make sure to let your advisor (Dr Johnson or Dr van Lent) know, so your program planner can be updated.

If you are unsure if these classes are required for you, check your degree progress at MyCSULB.

Maintaining Enrollment

If you do not plan on taking any courses next semester, please make sure to see Enrollment Services for a Leave of Absence request. If you do not take an official leave of absence it is REQUIRED that you use the catalog for the semester you re-enroll. This means you will be affected by any degree requirement chances.

Have you checked your degree progress recently?

Now is a great time to check your degree progress online. If you have talked to an advisor in the past and you do not see the changes you discussed, you have three options. The first is to wait it out until it is time to file for graduation. However, if you want to see the changes sooner, you can get an official copy of your program planner and bring it over to Enrollment Services or see if your advisor can update the changes on-line.

Student Organizations


Embedded Applications Technology holds meetings every Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm in ECS-304. All are welcome.


The next official chapter meeting will be held on November 13th at 4:30 pm in the SWE office, Eng 3 room 112A. Dinner is on us! If you would like to volunteer to help at SWE's biggest event of the year, Women Engineers @ The Beach Day, conact Presidential Scholars get points for this event. If you are interested in joining SWE, go to SWE Application Process to become an official member. Or, visit the CSULB chapter website at CSULB Society of Women Engineers for more information.

Scholarship/Fellowship Information


Two $2,000 CALVEIN/NASA Space Grant Fall/Winter Scholarships/Fellowships are available to reward 2 students who would work on a software project. The project deals with the development of an application which would demonstrate remote flight operations, i.e. being able to get data/pictures/video from a rocket located in the Mojave Desert using the internet to any place in the world with internet access. The undergraduate student will work closely with the graduate student to develop the application. The deadline for applying is Thursday, November 15. Details are at CALVEIN Rocket News.

Job/Internship Information

Web Startup

Database Architect /Tech Lead

We will be hiring front end people next, so please feel free to reach out to us if you are interested in joining the team - even if you are not a database person - so that we can keep your resume on file. Ditto if you are a math whiz but not a database programmer since we've got a lot of algorithm work to do.

TruePoint Systems

Spotlight Courses

In this section we highlight some of the courses that will be offered in the Spring Semester.

CECS 423: Database Applications

Teams of students will propose a web-application project that is heavily supported on the back end by a database. We will use J2EE technology (JDBC, JSP, Servlets, Struts) for the development; none of these are required skills, we will learn them. Database design and querying skills are required (CECS 323), we will learn: triggers, stored procedures, transactions, constraints. Good knowledge of Java (e.g. CECS 261) and Web design (HTML, CSS, Javascript) is preferred. CECS 423 Course Description

CECS 429: Information Retrieval

Students will learn the technology that makes search engines like Google work. Assignments will include the development of a web crawler and a small search engine which students will use to crawl and then search a set of documents. CECS 429 Course Description

CECS 455: Game Programming

  • Create games for the PC and the Xbox 360
  • Open to game novices and game addicts
  • Choose to build 2D or 3D games, or both
  • Use XNA Game Studio (all free software)

There will be a textbook and step-by-step lab assignments to learn game building skills in stages

The course will meet:

Hopefully Helpful Information

Career Services @ The Beach

Don't just wait to hear about upcoming job opportunities from me. In addition to the CECS Newsletter, utilize the Career Development Center's site . Some of the upcoming events include info sessions for Disney and the CIA. They also provide outstanding workshops.

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