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California State University, Long Beach

Computer Engineering & Computer Science (CECS)

New Web and Computing Minors Expected to Attract Students From All Majors!

Along with communication and analytical skills, computer/technical literacy has become the most sought after job skill by today's employers. And so it is not surprising that an increasing number of college graduates are returning to school to enhance their resumes by taking technical courses that may have been missing from their undergraduate education.

Beginning Fall 2004, CSULB students can now get a head start on the quest for meeting the demand for computer and technical literacy. By taking as little as one course per semester, students will be able to supplement their major degrees with either a Minor in Web Technology and Literacy or a Minor in Computer Science Applications, both offered in CSULB's Department of Computer Engineering and Computer Science, which hosts an abundance of quality labs, excellent faculty, and a practice-oriented curriculum.

The Minor in Web & Technology Literacy is designed to give students from different majors valuable internet and web authoring skills, as well as a broad understanding of technology. Students will learn the principles of designing professional-quality websites, while working with a variety of technologies, including selected software from the popular suite of Macromedia web-authoring tools. Students will also learn the proper setup and operation of equipment, as well as valuable troubleshooting skills that are in high demand in today's work force. This minor is highly recommended for a variety of fields, including math, graphic arts, teaching, journalism, law, business, public administration, social work, and many others.

A Certificate in Web & Technology Literacy is also available as a post-baccalaureate certificate.

The Minor in Computer Science Applications is designed to prepare students to write computer applications in three of today's most popular programming languages: C++, Java, and VB.Net. In addition, students will learn to maintain and upgrade PC software and hardware, and understand how to set up a local area network (LAN). Students will also be able to design and implement web applications using selected software from the popular suite of Macromedia web-authoring tools. This minor will provide valuable skills for a variety of fields including math, teaching, law, business, public administration, engineering, and many others. The Minor in Computer Science Applications is not open to students majoring in Computer Science or Computer Engineering.

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