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California State University, Long Beach

Construction Engineering Management (CECEM)

BSCEM Program


The Mission of the Construction Engineering Management program is to educate and prepare students to succeed in the construction engineering management profession by providing them with essential technical, managerial and communication skills and tools, which will enable them to perform current and future construction engineering management tasks and to promote the need for life-long learning

Educational Objectives

The Construction Engineering Management program educational objectives are to produce graduates, who after entering the construction engineering management practice with a fundamental knowledge of construction engineering management principles and current technologies, communication skills and practical construction experience, will

  1. Provide substantial contributions to the construction industry
  2. Pursue life-long learning through continuing education and/or advanced degrees in construction engineering management or other related fields
  3. Continue to develop professionally through participation in professional organizations and/or participation in professional development activities in the industry
  4. Progress to professional certifications

Expected Outcomes

Program Outcomes: Specifically, the program outcomes are established to provide the student with the:

  1. ability to use the techniques, skills, and construction knowledge to develop appropriate levels of cost estimates, schedules, and other plans (e.g. safety and quality plans) necessary for project planning and control.
  2. ability to communicate effectively using oral, written, and graphic communication skills
  3. ability to apply knowledge of economic analysis including sustainable design approaches in the use and selection of materials and equipment in the most economical fashion
  4. ability to apply knowledge of the material science and construction methods (including selections of a mechanical/electrical/structural system in compliance with building codes and standards)
  5. ability to apply emerging technologies (computer applications) and principles of construction management to successfully organize and plan project objectives including the effective utilization of resources
  6. broad education necessary to understand the ethical issues and the impact of construction solutions within the context of a culturally diverse global society
  7. understanding of the need for continuous professional development and life-long learning
  8. ability to function on multi-disciplinary teams with culturally diverse members, while maintaining a highly ethical / professional work environment.

Strategic Goals

Program Strategic Goals: Current program objectives are listed with a mapping of the outcomes above onto the program strategic goals. The strategic goals are as follows:

G1. Integration of current technologies into the CEM curriculum - The achievement of this goal will be measured by the number and extend that information technology will be integrated into the CEM curriculum. Appropriate software will be identified and integrated into current courses (Outcomes A, C, D, E)

G2. Continuous enhancement of the quality of undergraduate program - to be measured by the implementation of our Continuous Quality Improvement program (Outcomes A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H).

G3. Development of a minor program in CEM - Graduate courses in CEM have been developed for the Master of Science program in Civil Engineering. A minor program in CEM will be developed (Outcomes G).

G4. Professional development of faculty - Encouraging CEM faculty to participate annually in national and international events including conferences and publications (The achievement of this goal will be measured by the data obtained from annual faculty reports).

G5. Industry partnerships - A CEM Advisory and Development Council (CEM-ADC) has been established to help the CEM program keep the curriculum up-to-date and high quality (The achievement of this goal will be measured by the data obtained from CEM-ADC reports).

G6. Global objective - Explore opportunities for students/faculty participate in global activities (The achievement of this goal will be measured by the data obtained from faculty annual reports and Outcomes F, G).


Official Program Information

*Note: although every effort is made to keep this Web site up to date, you should also consult the printed catalog for official information and program requirements, which may vary depending on the year you enter(ed) the program.

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