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California State University, Long Beach

Construction Engineering Management (CECEM)

CE Program Undergraduate Advising Information

Student advising is done by CE Program Undergraduate Advisor and faculty advisors. The CE Program Undergraduate Advisor helps with program requirements, course waivers and substitutions, yearly progress checks, program planning, and curriculum changes. Faculty (career) advisor helps with the content level of course materials, recommendations, career planning, internship and career opportunities, graduate school questions, and other information. A student is assigned to a career advisor based on the studentís area of interest.

All BSCE students are required to seek program advising at least five times during their academic studies. Freshman advising is linked to CE 101. Other advising sessions are linked to the following courses: CE 200, CE 345 and CE 490. This approach allows verification of curriculum prerequisites. Students should schedule an advising session with the Undergrad Advisor before attempting to register. Following the advising session, the Undergrad Advisor will issue permission to register. The Department Administrative Support Assistant will lift the registration hold for the student. Please allow 24-48 hours for the access to be granted.

Each student has an advising file which is kept in the CE Undergrad Advising Office. This advising file is a permanent record which includes a plan of study, program planner, records of advising sessions between student and advisor, and other relevant documentation such as transcripts, course substitutions, waivers, course description, etc. Ultimately, the student is responsible for insuring that their files are complete and that all of their advising requirements have been met.

The CE Program maintains Beach Board Organization undergrad advising site (Civil Engineering Program/Undergrad). Students are encouraged to use this site for program changes announcements, student panning worksheet, and other important documents.

What to bring to a program advising session

Students must bring the following to an advising session:

  1. A printed copy of Degree Progress Report from MyCSULB, and
  2. An updated copy of the Student Planning Worksheet from Beach Board Organization/Civil EngineeringProgram/Undergrad/Documents/ student_planning worksheet.pdf

In addition to the two items mentioned above, transfer students should also bring a completed copy of Transfer Credit Request form on their first advising session. (A copy of this form maybe downloaded from Beach Board Organization/Civil Engineering Program/Undergrad/Documents/ transfer_credit_request_form.pdf )

The undergrad advisor may refuse to see the student without these items.

Advising Periods

Undergraduate program advising is available by appointment. Please see the CECEM Department Administrative Support Assistant to schedule an appointment. Senior students must see the undergrad advisor one semester before the expected graduation date to file for graduation. Please check the graduation application filing deadline. Career advising is available by appointment with the designated career advisor.

What to Expect During Program Advising Session

At the advising session, the undergrad advisor will discuss the studentís progress in the BSCE program and document any changes to the plan of study.

Registering for Milestone Course

CE 490 is a milestone class that corresponds with the studentís senior year. Students need the Undergrad Advisor's permission to register to insure that students have completed all the lower level and 300 level classes and other pre-requisites in the BSCE program.

Get to know your advisor and let your advisor get to know you!


Official Program Information

*Note: although every effort is made to keep this Web site up to date, you should also consult the printed catalog for official information and program requirements, which may vary depending on the year you enter(ed) the program.

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