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California State University, Long Beach

Construction Engineering Management (CECEM)

Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering Management


The four-year program in Construction Engineering Management leads to the Bachelor of Science degree. Major emphasis is placed on organizing and managing the construction phase of society's efforts to improve the environment. The constructor is an important member of the building team and requires a professional knowledge of techniques, materials, equipment, job planning and cost control to add to the contributions of the planning and design professions. Graduates of this program can help supply the urgent needs of the construction industry and its related fields.

Every effort is made to provide a well-integrated program which will give the student the opportunity to develop the proficiencies necessary for a successful, professional career in construction. The program is also designed to accommodate students who may wish to enter the University in a four-year program, or who may wish to transfer credits earned to other colleges or approved technical or military service Schools. It is recommended that prospective students, prior to submitting an application for admission, be advised by a member of the Construction Engineering Management faculty to discuss departmental requirements and the admission requirements of the University.

All Construction Engineering Management students must receive a minimum grade of "C" in each of the prerequisite courses before enrolling in any Construction Engineering Management course. In addition to any other all-university requirements regarding grade point averages for graduation, a Construction Engineering Management student must achieve a minimum 2.0 average in all Construction Engineering Management courses.

Degree Requirements

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