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California State University, Long Beach

Construction Engineering Management (CECEM)

Vahe Kludjian


Fall 2014 Schedule

Schedule Sem/Lab Time Days Room
CE 130-01 SEM 11:00-11:50pm F EN2-107
CE 130-02 SEM 11:00-11:50pm Th EN2-107
CE 130L-01 LAB 8:00-10:45pm F ECS-306
CE 130L-02 LAB 12:00-2:45pm F ECS-306
CE 130L-03 LAB 8:00-10:45pm Th ECS-306
CE 130L-04 LAB 12:00-3:15pm Th ECS-306
CE 200-01 SEM 3:00-4:20pm Th EN2-105
CE 200-02 LAB 4:00-7:15pm Th EN3-117
CE 200-04 LAB 7:15:00-10pm Th EN3-117


Area of Specialization:

Construction Engineering


BS, Civil Engineering, CSULB, 1975

MS, Civil Engineering, CSULB, 1981


CE 130: Surveying and Mapping

CE 200: Materials for Civil Engineering

CEM 130/L: Construction Surveying/Lab

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