Dr. Jeremy Redman

Fall 2018 Schedule

Schedule Sem/Lab Time Days Room
C E 205-13 SEM 2-2:50PM MW EN2-105
C E 205-14 ACT 3-3:50PM MW EN2-105
C E 307-01 SEM 9-9:50AM M VEC-224
C E 307-02 LAB 10-12:45PM M VEC-224
C E 307-03 SEM 9-9:50AM W VEC-218
C E 307-04 LAB 10-12:45PM W VEC-224
C E 364-03 SEM 9-10:50AM F VEC-224
C E 364L-05 LAB 11-1:45PM F EN3-111
C E 481-01 SEM 1-1:50PM W EN2-105
C E 481-02 SEM 1-1:50PM M VEC-224
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Office: EN3-111
Phone: 562.985.5118
Email: jeremy.redman@csulb.edu
Office Hours: TTH 9AM-12PM and 1-2PM