Dr. Tang-Hung Nguyen, PE

Dr. Nguyen joined the CSULB Department of Civil Engineering and Construction Engineering Management in Fall 2006. He holds a PhD in Architectural Engineering from Pennsylvania State University, and taught at the Pennsylvania State University at Altoona and North Dakota State University prior to CSULB. Dr. Nguyen is a licensed Professional Engineer and worked professionally in the industry developing construction documents.

Dr. Nguyen's research interest is on using emerging information technologies to improve project design and construction. One research project is using 3D visualization technology to enhance building design and project management. In addition to construction visualization research, Dr. Nguyen is also continuing to expand research efforts in the areas of information technology for learning and teaching enhancement.

Spring 2019 Schedule

Schedule Sem/Lab Time Days Room
CEM 206-01 SEM 2-2:50PM M VEC-321
CEM 206-02 LAB 3-5:45PM M VEC-321
CEM 304-01 SEM 3:30-4:25PM Tu VEC-321
CEM 304-02 ACT 3:30-5:20PM Th VEC-321
CEM 437-01 SEM 12:30-2:20PM Tu VEC-112
CEM 437-02 ACT 12:30-2:20PM Th VEC-112
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Undergraduate Advisor Construction Management

Office: VEC-307
Phone: 562.985.1661
Email: hung.nguyen@csulb.edu
Office Hours: T 4:30-6:30PM and TH 5:30-6:30PM
Advising Hours:
By appointment at https://drhungnguyen.youcanbook.me