Dr. Goitom's specialization is in construction engineering management. He holds a BS in Architectural Engineering from National University of Ethiopia, a BS in Civil Engineering from University of Wisconsin, a MS in Structural and Construction Engineering from Michigan State University/University of Minnesota, and a PhD in Geotechnical and Structural Engineering from Michigan State University.

Fall 2020 Schedule

Schedule Sem/Lab Time Days Room
C E 406-01 SEM 7-9:45PM W ONLINE-ONLY
C E 406-02 SEM 3:30-4:45PM MW ONLINE-ONLY
C E 406-08 SEM 7-9:45PM M ONLINE-ONLY
CEM 125-01 SEM 10-11:50AM M ONLINE-ONLY
CEM 125-02 ACT 10-11:50AM W ONLINE-ONLY
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Office: VEC-301
Phone: 562.985-8020
Email: tesfai.goitom@csulb.edu
Office Hours: TBD