Homework 2

Engineering 370I - Astronautics and Space


The questionnaire can be submitted only once! Please note that you MUST answer all of the questions and then click on the "Submit Answers " button. If you leave a question unanswered, you will not be able to submit. So even if you are not sure of the correct answer for a question, you should still choose one. There is no penalty for wrong answers.

The deadline to submit (for all classes) is listed in Sect. 1.1.3 and on BeachBoard. You have until Midnight on that day. Half credit will be given after that. We will not be responsible for possible traffic jams on the Internet, so please, plan to submit your answers well prior to the cut-off date.

The following ten (10) questions are based on information on Chapter 2 (Sect. 2.1 to 2.4), as well as the materials and videos presented in class. Each correct answer is worth 1 pt.

1. Which statement is false?

2. Sputnik was launched in

3. The first successful US Satellite, Explorer 1 was launched by

4. What was the name of the first satellite repaired by a space shuttle mission?

5. The first space shuttle was launched on

6. Which statement is false?

7. Yuri Gagarin was the first astronaut to orbit the earth on

8. Which astronaut was on the Gemini 8 flight that was aborted due to emergency?

9. The first US manned space flight was on

10. The Apollo-Soyuz program ended in