2014 PSW American Society for Engineering Education Conference-California State University, Long Beach | Thurs.-Sat., April 24-26, 2014

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2014 ASEE Zone IV Conference

Section Awards

The ASEE PSW invites nominations for three awards:

Section Outstanding Teacher Award

The ASEE PSW Section Outstanding Teaching Award identifies the Engineering or Engineering Technology colleague who exemplifies excellence in the classroom and in Engineering Education service. Details on the section award is located here

Nomination Process:

To submit a nomination for PSW Section Outstanding Teacher Award, log into ASEE.org. Once logged in, you will be directed to the welcome page where you may then scroll to the "2014 ASEE Awards" announcement and select "Nominate someone for an award...". Then, select the "ASEE Section Outstanding Teaching Award - Pacific Southwest Section" and follow the listed instructions.


Candidates may be teachers of any subject included in an ABET/CEAB accredited Engineering or Engineering Technology curriculum. In addition to technical courses, subjects may include the humanities and social studies, mathematics and science.

Outstanding Community College Educator Award

The Pacific Southwest Section (PSW) Outstanding Community College Educator Award is presented for excellence in the instruction of engineering and/or engineering technology. The purpose of the award is to honor the recipient and to serve as an incentive to the recipient and other faculty members to make further significant contributions to engineering education.

Qualifications: Candidates may be teachers of any engineering or engineering technology subject included in the curriculum of any two year college awarding associate degrees. The nominee as an individual shall:

  1. De monstrate excellence in teaching and the ability to inspire students to high levels of scholastic achievement, character growth and leadership potential.
  2. Demonstrate outstanding subject matter competence and the ability to develop courses and curricula to serve the wide range of abilities found in community college students.
  3. Show evidence of success in creatively providing students with career planning, program design and transfer guidance towards successful completion of their first career preparation.

In addition to the above, the nominee should show evidence of outstanding achievement in two or more of the following activities specifically related to engineering or engineering technology.

  1. Innovative laboratory techniques, equipment, or utilization and the integration of laboratory exercises with lecture presentations.
  2. Scholarly contributions to engineering or engineering technology education through authoring textbooks, syllabi, laboratory manuals, computer applications, or technical papers.
  3. Active membership and participation in professional engineering, engineering technology, and educational societies.
  4. Leadership and/or distinguished service to the college, the local community or other arenas that demonstrate a strong connection between engineering, education and society.

Eligibility: Any full-time faculty member at a two year college in the Pacific Southwest Section may be nominated for this award.

Nomination: Nominators may be faculty, students, administrators or industrial members of the engineering community. However, they must engage an ASEE member to submit the nomination on their behalf to the Awards Committee. Nomination data should be assembled in the manner described in the online form. The nomination deadline is January 15, 2014. The submission materials must be electronically produced (PDF format preferred) and be sent directly to the ASEE PSW Vice Chair of Faculty Awards, John.Tester@nau.edu with a subject line of "ASEE PSW Faculty Awards", or call at 928-523-0032.

Engineering Education Undergraduate Student Award

The Pacific Southwest (PSW) Section of the American Society of Engineering Education is sponsoring the 2013-2014 PSW Engineering Education Undergraduate Student Award and invites the nomination of undergraduate students by their advisors or faculty members. The purpose of the award is to provide recognition of undergraduate engineering or engineering technology students who display strong achievement in design project, research, community service or education-related activities.


The student must be an undergraduate currently enrolled in an engineering or engineering technology program in a four-year university or community college within the ASEE PSW region (Arizona, California, Hawaii, and Nevada) at the time of submission. The nomination must be submitted by a faculty member or an advisor. The recommender must be an ASEE member in good standing.

Award Criteria:

The following criteria are to be addressed for evaluation. Recognizing that any one or all of these topics may be relevant to a particular submission, the application should address all applicable areas.

  • Excellence in classroom or laboratory assistance for engineering or technology courses.
  • Outstanding performance in a design capstone project.
  • Community work related to engineering education.
  • Support in K-12 activities that promote science and math education, and/or student motivation to become engineers.
  • Outstanding contributions to engineering student organizational activities that support the educational mission of the institution.
  • Scholastic excellence, please note that the nominee must have a minimum 3.0 / 4.0 GPA at time of nomination.

Application requirement:

  • A letter of nomination from a faculty, an advisor, or an administrator. No more than 500 words in length.
  • A personal statement from the student addressing his/her accomplishments. The statement is limited to 500 words. The personal statement must be completed using the template provided here
  • Optional additional letters of recommendation (Maximum of 2 additional letters)

Send submissions by email to Panadda.Marayong@csulb.edu by 1/31/2014, with a subject line of "ASEE PSW UG Student Award". PDF format preferred.

Award Notification:

A group of ASEE PSW board members will review and select the winning candidate based upon the criteria above. A cash prize of $250 plus travel assistance (not to exceed $500) will be presented to one finalist at the ASEE Zone IV Conference on April 24-26, 2014 in Long Beach, California. The finalist will be notified by March 1, 2014 and are expected to deliver a short presentation on their engineering education-related activities at the Awards Banquet on April 25, 2014.

Important Dates