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California State University, Long Beach
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Peer Mentoring and Peer Tutoring Programs

The CNSM Peer Mentor program serves the college through mentoring opportunities to introduce first-year students to effective study, time management, and organizational strategies. The Peer Mentor program also offers tutoring services for all CNSM students in a variety of lower- and upper-division courses. Peer Mentors work one on one with students in the Freshmen Scholars Learning Communities (FSLC), NSCI 190-A courses, and any CNSM student seeking assistance.

Physics Learning Assistants are undergraduate students who, with the guidance of course instructors, provide academic support to their peers in PHYS 151, strengthening their own understanding of the course material in the process. The Physics Learning Assistants also provide tutoring for several PHYS courses.

CNSM Peer Mentors 2016-2017